The fact that the heart of 37-year-old Victoria Boni already taken long is not a secret. However, she prefers to hide the identity of her mysterious lover. The other day, Bonya gave an interview in which shared details of her new affair, and explained what had happened in their relationship with Olga Buzova.

Victoria Bonya gave a frank interview about her personal life. After the break with Alex Smurfit Viktoria Bonya did not respond to questions of followers about her personal life. However, during one of the live broadcasts TV presenter made it clear that she was not free. Fans are not the first day trying to figure out who did manage to win the heart of Victoria, but she does not want to disclose the identity of the mysterious chosen one.

“In a new interview with the magazine “World of the reality show” Dom-2 ” Bonya said she had never experienced such feelings. “This is such a relationship, which I’ve never had. In my youth I wanted a reckless love, without which you can not breathe, but it was not like this. “

According to Victoria, she and Alex had mutual respect and the ability to learn from the partner. “Now I can not understand why I love man” – confessed Bonya. Now the TV presenter and her choice forced to keep in touch at a distance. “We live in different countries. All your senses are intensified when your loved one is nearby, then we want to enjoy each other every second, and merging with the other, where each becomes both. “, – said Victoria.

“Bonya also remembered how once she was upset with Buzova “When Olga was the only leading” House-2 “, we are often called up, I gave her advice, because at that time led the « Comopolitan. Video version”program on TNT. And then she didn’t invite me to her birthday, I felt uncomfortable. “

Some time Victoria and Olga did not talk, but then crossed one of the social events shortly before the Buzova’s divorce. “Even then I noticed her growth and tremendous work on herself. Then I was very surprised that her marriage broke up “- admitted Bonya. Victoria said that Olga knows how to keep secrets. Buzova was the first person she told when she broke up with Alex Smurfit.