Viktoria Bonya is now turning to online dating sites to find new love


After breaking up with millionaire Alex Smurfit, Viktoria Bonya spends free time with one of her friends. Celebrity travels through Europe, enjoying nature and the local scenery.

Recently, she said that she was going to America, and desided to use one dating service to meet local singles online.

“Very soon, I’m flying to America. I can not wait, to be honest, I have are few friends there, but I recently told my friend about the app, where you can search for people by location. This is a very useful thing, especially for those who travel frequently, like me. I’m for new friends! And you? “- Wrote on her page on instagram Victoria.

Bonya’s Fans were surprised by such a decision, noting that such a beautiful woman can find a worthy gentleman without the help of online dating sites. Followers of Victoria believe that she will not stay in the status of a lonely young lady and will find a new boyfriend very soon.

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