Vito Schnabel kisses Heidi Klum. And what about Dasha Zhukova?


Heidi Klum and Vito Schnabel

Recently, the wife of Russian industrialist billionaire ROMAN ABRAMOVICH, DASHA ZHUKOVA (35) was spotted with the boyfriend of Heidi Klum (43), Vito Schnabel (30). The two visited the Vito Schnabel gallery in St. Moritz, and then went to dinner when paparazzi snapped them hugging and kissing.

Zhukova and Schnabel

However, the next day the pictures were gone from the portal, and the media was able to contact a representative of Roman Abramovich (since neither Dasha nor Vito commented on the pictures).

"We know about these photos and already applied to the photo agency, sold the pictures to the Italian edition. These photos – a fake! The Agency has already removed them from sale. The site of the Italian newspaper was forced to remove the photos", – said John Mann to

Vito Schnabel and Heidi Klum

Well, perhaps we would not return to this subject, if not a passionate kiss … of Schnabel and Heidi Klum at the party of Elton John (69), which was held immediately after the "Oscar". They were seen holding hands and talking. And, of course, did not get tired to pose for a photo.

Interestingly, before the story with Zhukova Heidi and Vito have not been seen together, although in June Vito proposed to supermodel.

Vito Schnabel and Dakota Jones; Vito Schnabel and Demi Moore; Vito Schnabel and Liv Tyler; Vito Schnabel and Elle Macpherson

By the way, Schnabel is called a Don Juan. He dated Demi Moore (54), Liv Tyler (39), Elle Macpherson (52), and even Dakota Jones (27)! Heidi and Vito have been together for about two years (although their union has been described as an on/off relationship), Roman and Dasha have been together for twelve years and have two children.

Zhukova and Abramovich  

In general, the story is complicated. Especially given the fact Dasha and Vito are old friends. Maybe their kisses were really just friendly?