Why Antonio Banderas has invited the Princess of Norway and her beloved shaman

Зачем Антонио Бандерас пригласил в гости принцессу Норвегии и ее возлюбленного-шаманаNews about zvezdochet Antonio Banderas invited the Princess of Norway and her beloved shaman

On the days the couple visited in Marbella.

After meeting and beginning of the novel with Shaman Duracom, a famous Hollywood healer and a spiritualist the life of the Princess of Norway Martha Louise sparkle with new colors. Now together they travel the world and lectures on the topics of energy and psychic. A week ago, Martha-Louise announced that at the recommendation of his father, the king of Norway Harald V, it will no longer use the title of Princess to such speeches, however, it allows the origin of her unusual career, to have such success. The other day Martha-Louise, along with her boyfriend was invited to Marbella, the actor Antonio Banderas. Each year it awards its own prize and conducts homeland festival Star Lite Festival. Princess Martha-Louise became a winner and was marked by its humanitarian mission.

Thank you Antonio Banderas for inviting me into your home and for such an honorary award for my girl!

– wrote a Shaman Durek in Instagram, sharing photos from the ceremony and also the pictures from the party in honor of the birthday of Banderas, which he celebrated on 10 August in Marbella.

Shaman Durek and Martha Louise

Antonio Banderas with his guests

We will remind, three years ago, Princess Martha Louise announced the breakup with a husband who had been married for 14 years and with whom she had three daughters, who became the heir to the throne. After the divorce she devoted her life to revealing their paranormal abilities, founded the “school of Angels” to teach people to communicate with their guardian angels, lectured on parapsychology and sought for its purpose. On this journey she met a man who was not only her soul mate, but also gave her “true love” – she announced this to their subscribers in Instagram.

It has changed my life and made me realize what unconditional love really exists on this planet, wrote Martha Louise.

Boyfriend Princess of Norway – known in certain circles of Hollywood character, who calls himself a Shaman Duracom. He does healing, arranges a seance and conducts nationwide lectures on a variety of non-traditional practices. His good friend Gwyneth Paltrow has posted on her website Goop article about his unique abilities, which was handed down to him from his parents – father, African-Haitian, and his mother Indian-Norwegian origin, who was a seventh day Adventist and hereditary spiritualists. Piquancy gives also that fact that before the Shaman met the man.