10 best styles apartment interior

Photo: Roomble.com Women’s forum For selections from Roomble.com we took 10 of the best styles in interior design! Among them — the sophisticated and ethnic, brutal and tender, provincial and city! Choose your favorite! Provence / Provence / French Country Provence is one of the most fascinating styles of the present. Embodying the Golden era of the Cote d’azur region and the Provence, it allows you to create the interior is not just the right atmosphere, but to push you to a more measured lifestyle. Read about Provence style in here Norse / Scandinavian in Scandinavian style a lot of advantages: simplicity, efficiency, sustainability and huge scope for imagination. The recipe is as follows: white background and bright accents on it. But there are nuances, especially as the beauty of Scandinavian interior depends on many conditions. Read more about the style here Loft / Industrial / Industrial loft, industrial, a Little bit, mostly brutal, but most importantly, filled with light, original and very fashionable. So you can describe it in one sentence. He will love you if you love the Gothic space and a bit outrageous. Read more about the loft here Moroccan / Moorish / Moroccan Contemporary interiors provide the perfect backdrop for Moroccan decor. And when we talk about Moroccan style, we don’t mean the format Arabic-French Villa in the middle of the desert! It can be white Studio in Mitino, but with mosaic lamps, a rug with ornament and stunning ethnic dishes! Read more about Moroccan decor here is French / French Spirit France is the spirit of creative freedom, culture, intellect, and emotions. And one of the most powerful tools that highlight the nature of the situation and convey the very freedom, is the lighting. Read about French style here Hollywood / Glam Chic / Hollywood Regency Hollywood style in interior design is fashion, glamour, charm of the 1930-ies and just a sea of glitter! Interior design Hollywood really knows how to charm… Read about Hollywood style is Bohemian / Bohemian To Bohemian style, you can include the styles, the ethnic chic, boho chic, chinoiserie. Chinoiserie is the Western style of the XVII and XVIII centuries, covering such areas of art as interior design, furniture, object (ceramics, textiles) and garden design. It is a whimsical European interpretation of Chinese art. Read here about chinoiserie Art Deco / Art-deco One of the major attributes of art Deco-style furniture with gold or silver legs and other elements, painted in shades of precious metals. She adds interior geometric, chic and elegance, beautifully emphasizing the sophisticated interior simple touches. Read about the art Deco style is Maritime / Coastal / Coastal Marine coastal style unique! In the interior in the style of coastal can be used bright colours and opt for shades such as white, blue, sky blue, sand. You might want to use interesting patterns — nautical stripes, prints of seashells, yachts and boats, resorts on the coast. For a spectacular accent suitable contrasting color. Read more here Shabby chic / Shabby Chic Style shabby chic appeared relatively recently, in the 80-ies of the last century, but quickly became popular. Delicate and romantic, with unobtrusive colors, exquisite refinement and attention to detail, shabby chic especially liked natures sensitive, romantic and dreamy. If you consider yourself among them, these interiors will inspire you. Read about the style of shabby chic here related Articles Style Chalet in a new way: minimalist interior design in Courchevel the Chalet Style: 22 cozy interior American style and effortless chic in a Moscow apartment the Prairie school architecture of the private house also Read: Hollywood style in interior design the interior design of the villas in the style of Provence: 30 inspiring photos design Styles of seats: 7 types that will be popular in 2019 to Read more ••• Roomble.com: the latest news of Wallpaper bedroom: 46 photo fashionable interiors Spanish Villa designed to enjoy life Marine style in the interior: winter’s tale Women’s forum Home & garden , Fashion news partners news partners

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