10 little things that need to be cleaned before arrival of guests

10 small things that need to be cleaned before arrival of guests

They are invisible, but can spoil all the impression of your harvest.


Take a damp cloth and wash the dust and traces of greasy fingers before you offer them the TV.


Yes, you open the door to warm up something and… “Thank you, we are not hungry.” Pontarelli boil the water with half a lemon for 3-4 minutes and let cool 15 minutes without opening the door. Just wipe the walls with a cloth.

Handle faucets

It is not enough just to wipe them from the calcium deposits. If your furniture has thin strips, water and settles there. Use an old toothbrush.

Soap dish

Yes, you used to see them as remnants of the old pieces. And your guests to these nozzles does not necessarily see.


Not only glass should be cleaned from sediments. In the guide, too, is full of dirt and stains. Put on 30 minutes paper towel with vinegar and then wipe dry.

The curtain in the bathroom

What do you mean “they come to me to bathe here?”. Spot to see too, no one wants, and the smell. Just wash it in the machine. In difficult cases, soak for half an hour in vinegar or diluted bleach, and then wash.


The best way to clean not hands, and a vacuum cleaner with small brush attachment.


Two microfiber cloth, two elastics, and any forceps. Hop! Simple.

The guest pillows

Peristerite them in advance if you expect you have to stay overnight. Musty smell isn’t the best companion for a healthy sleep.

The Mat at the door

Shake it, wash from the shower and then wash it on the delicate cycle in the machine. Too often it is not worth doing, once in a quarter makes sense. Read more ••• Karelian news: latest news 9 errors in the choice of colors that should be avoided when repairing a How to make an old item newer than new: 12 Lithgow 17 super saver ideas for luxury interior Women’s forum see also

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