#10yearschallenge: how to change the interiors

All the news Finance Women’s Film Sport Auto Health Travel Saturday Game #10yearschallenge: how to change the interiors of&nbsp Inmyroom 14 hours ago Photo: Inmyroom Women’s forum is One of the factors that influenced the interior design in 2009 was the global economic crisis. Before you buy something, people will think twice. Excessive and extravagant spending of money and throwing all the old for some time in the past. The year 2009 was held under the banner of functional minimalism. Useful old things mixed with new, sometimes exotic accessories. In 2019 the interior is tired from a long domination of Scandinavian minimalism. Sterile homogeneous interior with neutral colors and simple materials — already bored. Now designers are increasingly going in the experiments: bright colors, graphic patterns, dramatic forms, large-scale objects. It seems that the future of interior for a bold maximalist art. Ten years ago in the interior dominated by a bright citrus palette. Shades of lemon, orange and lime were scattered in all categories of furniture and accessories. But that yellow became self-glory. The main color of 2009 by Pantone has declared “Mimosa yellow”. “The color yellow exemplifies the warmth and the nutritional quality of the sun, Mimosa tells about the enlightenment is the shade that evokes the imagination and innovation”, — explained the choice of Liatris, Eisman, Executive Director of the Pantone color Institute. In 2019, the fashion for brightness and uniqueness of the color is gone. Now in the trend deep difficult colors like jewel tones. Main color 2019 — “living coral”. In 2009 the interior was under a strange African influence. Exotic style is the main highlight of the interior of the past. But African fashion has gone beyond stereotypical Safari themes and delved into culture and crafts. The interiors are filled with handmade textiles, animal prints, rustic carvings and bold geometric shapes, like totems. By 2019, increased interest in biophilia: now in the interior is important, not just interesting style, and the relationship of man with nature as a whole. Apartments and offices filled Piestany, aquariums and florariumov. All this so-called organic sensory stimuli. They are necessary in order to reduce the sense of isolation from nature, to relieve tension and tiredness of the person who the most part of its life in the concrete walls. In 2009, almost every apartment modular sofa beds, chairs with straight metal legs, furniture in the spirit of French romanticism, chests of drawers and armchairs in the Baroque style. Designers use new stylistic technique — dress up furniture with classic shapes in vivid cover. Chair Louis XVI at the time you begin dressed in denim upholstery, bright patchwork, crystals and riveting. In 2019 in furniture also present the influence of the classics, but modern is becoming not only the upholstery changes. Furniture but the main trend remains the style of the ‘ 70s: simple forms, graphic prints, rich palette. Key prints 2009 — lush flowers and Paisley. And if the flowers were mostly decorated with Wallpaper and curtains, Paisley has managed to get much further. For example, seat upholstery and even ceramic tiles. In 2019 the traditional beauty of the floral patterns or abstract, or stencil. In place of ethnic motifs came the fashion for prints with complex geometry. In 2009, one of the popular destinations in the design was industrial chic and rustic style. Favorites — a dark, sometimes raw wood and craft products. To 2019-mu the tree is noticeably lightened, replaced by a massive wooden interior came a lightness and airiness. For example, the light wood flooring of birch looks equally good in the strict interior of the Cabinet, and a spacious minimalistic living room. Kitchen 2009, is not like the experimenter. There are many classics, sometimes a luxury, it is important to and functionality. The kitchen appliances — the pride, and hide it not accepted. And if space allows, the kitchen can even include a kitchen island. In 2019, the designers are predicting a surge of interest in bright decisions in design, but cool in the forms. Kitchen 2019 functional: where the fridge or extractor fan, you can not immediately understand — now all devices it is customary to incorporate in the headsets. On the cover: design project Inna the Azores to Read more •••

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