12 bad habits in cleaning You Should Give Up

You can endlessly postpone a General cleaning or to drop some bad habits and quickly put the house in order.

Do not disassemble paper waste

Paper dust is harmful to health, and cluttered Desk looks untidy. Get a special wastebasket. Or at least disassemble them once a week.

Pile wet towels

Damp cloth — a great place for mold. Therefore, curtains and towels should not be placed on the floor, and send to the wash, and then immediately hang to dry.

To use too many cleaning products

It seems that if I add more funds or powder in the house will be cleaner. But, if you overdo it, cleaning do not wash off until the end and dries up, bringing in even more dust.

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Do not clean the vacuum cleaner and a MOP

Immediately after cleaning need to disinfect all tools with water and detergent. Otherwise, the meaning of the following cleaning will not, and you’ll only spread the dirt on the floor. By the way, the MOP needs to be changed every two months.

Only use wet wipes

Disposable disinfectant wipes are good for quick cleaning a small area. Ideally, the cloth should contain a sufficient amount of the product to the surface to stay wet for up to four minutes.

Store cleaning products where necessary

Get them in one place, not to spend each time time looking. For example, all funds for the bathroom can be collected in a bag or plastic container and hide under the sink.

Do not clean the refrigerator

If you can not do it regularly, make it a rule to clean the refrigerator while cleaning. To facilitate the process, periodically dispose of the remnants of waste products, at the same time eliminate the appearance of mold.

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Do not read the instructions for cleaning agents

If the remedy did not help, that does not mean that it is bad. Maybe you just incorrectly use it. For example, some tools need a little more time to cope with the pollution.

Not to make the bed

To get out of the bedroom, but leave an UN-tucked bed is a bad idea. So the room will look untidy. But you don’t need to remind yourself of that, if you remove the bed immediately after sleep.

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To use aggressive cleaning products

It is easy to overdo it and spoil the surface of the floor or bathtub. Besides powerful means toxic and is not suitable for the cleaning of the house, inhabited by small children and animals.

Clean the dust at the end of the harvest

This must be done in the first place. Otherwise you will just look like dust on the clean floor, and again will have to wash it.

Constantly distracted

How many times, holding for service, have you checked social media or distracted by conversations? So cleaning certainly will extend into several hours and will not be effective.

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