17 super saver ideas for luxurious interior

17 super saver ideas for luxury interior&nbsp Karelian news 19 Oct 2018 Photo: news of the Karelian Women’s forum is Just one nuance in the interior can radically transform your apartment. Moreover, to implement these modern ideas in interior design is very simple and does not require large expenditures. The interior design ideas

WICKER CURTAINS You can make curtains out of the ordinary is very beautiful, just sitting behind a sewing machine. Great idea for the interior with their hands!

STRIPED DESIGN WITH self-adhesive film plain white refrigerator becomes a stylish piece of furniture.

MIRROR DOORS If you stick on interior mirror doors, the space of the room will visually increase.

TAPE INSTEAD of RINGS Simply clip the curtain contrasting ribbons.

TWO COLORS Normal alternating colored tulle will give the room a elegant look.

GARTERS FOR CURTAINS Brass carbine or an old pendant from chandeliers that you like?

HOW to PLACE RUG UNDER the BED the Green carpet has sides 2,4×3 meter, and the red 1,5×2,1m. It is better to buy a large carpet, and… Agree, the difference is obvious?

NO BORING PLASTIC so may look normal ventilation grate.

COLORED CURTAINS are Simple bright shade, even mounted on the door, will give a new look to your home.

The VESTIBULE AND entrance HALL If you store things outside the house, cover the racks of beautiful curtains.

HIDE the cables of the TV will help You a plain white rod from shower curtain

APPLIQUE On a wall or window — your choice. You can make your own, you can buy special appliques for the walls.

CANOPY Rod for curtains to the ceiling — and different view in the bedroom.

CURVED barbells They visually enlarge the window size of the TV IN a FRAME Beautiful modern ideas of interior living room.

The COLORED DRAWERS are the Perfect solution for the nursery.

And the LAST TRICK If you paint the wall on the bottom 2/3 with a darker shade, the ceiling will seem higher.

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