3 historic Villa in Milan, where it’s easy to feel like an aristocrat

Чтоб я так жил: 3 старинных виллы Милана, где легко почувствовать себя аристократом  3 ancient Villa of Milan, where it’s easy to feel like an aristocrat

In Milan, the Villa is so tightly woven into the history of the city, not to visit at least one during a trip to the fashion capital of Italy would be wrong. Where inspired, surprised and relax — versed HELLO!

Relax: Grand Hotel Villa Torretta Sesto Milan

VillaVilla Torretta

Вилла Torretta

Villa Torretta, built in the XVII century, almost all of its rich history belonged to the most outstanding families in Milan, while in 1960, has not been abandoned. Now the mansion serves as a hotel brand Curio Collection by Hilton. The interiors of the 77 guest rooms are decorated differently – in the style of the XVIII–XIX centuries, so dive in to the past era provided. As a bonus – the Nord Milano Park that surrounds the hotel.

Вилла TorrettaVilla Torretta

Вилла Torretta

Wonder: Villa Invernizzi

Walking around the area Quadrilatero del Silenzio, which means “Quarter of silence”, you’re bound to stumble on a group of people with cameras in the hands of the wrought-iron gates. Behind them is Villa Invernizzi, the entrance to which, in General, closed. But in the garden lives a family of pink flamingos – something they admire, both tourists and locals. Interestingly, the ancestors of these exotic birds for Milan was brought by the owner from Chile and Africa in 1979.

 Villa InvernizziVilla Invernizzi

Be Inspired: Villa Necchi Campiglio

This residence is one of the richest families of Milan, the Necchi-Campiglio was built in the 1930-ies by the Italian architect Piero Portaluppi, known for his innovative ideas. As a result, in this Villa for the first time appeared in the private heated pool and garage for four cars. Today, Villa Necchi Campiglio house Museum, where you can not only be inspired by the unusual interior design solutions and collections of art objects, but also to experience how she lived Milan know in the mid-twentieth century.

Villa Necchi CampiglioVilla Necchi Campiglio

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