5 most fashionable cottage settlements of Moscow suburbs

All the news Finance Women’s Film Sport Auto Health Travel Saturday’s Game 5 most fashionable of cottage villages near Moscow&nbsp Roomble.com 4 hours ago Photos: Roomble.com Women’s forum In our new collection we present you five of the most fashionable cottage settlements of Moscow suburbs, among them — “Deauville”, “English quarter”, “Millennium Park”, “Renaissance Park” and “Rublevo Residence”. They are now on everyone’s lips. “Deauville” — in the style of the legendary French city “Deauville” is a cottage village, which was inspired by the namesake French town and became an exact replica. It sells private homes and townhouses, almost all in the Norman style. In the interior of this home will suit the French, the Baltic or the classic style. “Deauville” — an exclusive project with cottages from 280 to 800 square metres and cost from 120 million to 2,000 million. Gorgeous architectural concept of this mini-camp has no analogues in Russia. “English quarter” — live in North London “English quarter” is a very pretty village with houses in the English style. It is a beautiful place to live in the suburbs, if you love the urban mood in the architecture of the cottage settlements. The peculiarity lies in its strict adherence to the English architectural style. This village became the authentic version of the English style of life. “Millenium Park” “Millennium Park” is one of those cottage communities that are known to all. The cost of houses up to 230 million rubles, the average area of 500-600 square meters. This village boasts a very modern, European approach to the landscaping and promenade. The houses here are in various styles, while on the streets they are grouped in design of facades. So, you can live at the European street of the nineteenth century or futuristic street XXII century, with glass houses. “Millennium Park” will suit those who like large areas of open space and public areas. “Renaissance Park” European sophistication “Renaissance Park” — an elite cottage settlement, which strikes a fitted green lanes, sidewalks, parks. This village belongs to the class De Luxe from cost houses up to 350 million rubles. The overall ambiance is classic, with charming galleries, and rotundas, dramatic front entrance with columns, and many others. The house is decorated in classical and neoclassical architecture, many built of brick. The average area of homes 500 square meters. Rublevo residence: between the Chalet and loft icoformat Rublevo Residence is an oasis just a kilometer from Moscow ring road (near Novorizhskoye highway) with the stunning architecture of the international class. If you want to buy ultra-modern house with a budget of about 350 thousand rubles per square meter, “Rezidentsiya Rublevo” is one of the best options. After all the settlement, covering an area of over 20 hectares, is located in a forest and Mature in an amazing architectural style where luxury Alpine chalets and modern urban loft. Related articles 10 cottages with total area up to 180 feet with floor plans and interiors, Country residence in the elite village near Moscow House in the village of Deauville: how to combine fireplace, beautiful furniture and sophisticated decor As living in the village of Grunwald: the look of the house see also: What is energy efficient home and is it worth it to build the Pros and cons of a house with an attic: facts and tips of Wooden houses: what are they and why you should be afraid to Read more •••

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