6 places where you can hang kitchen towels

All the news Finance Women’s Film Sport Auto Health Travel Saturday’s Game 6 of the places where you can hang kitchen towels&nbsp JUICE.media 36 minutes ago Photo: the JUICE.media Women’s forum tea towel is one of the smaller attributes of the kitchen. But, no less important. Even such detail can be harmoniously placed in the room to look tasteful and simple. Here are a few ideas. Oven Source: KitchenDecorium.ru a Towel can be nice to hang on the oven door. It is immediately noticeable if you desperately need to use it. But, apparently, will have to pick up a thing with more or less beautiful patterns and prints. And hang not from the side where the stain is from food or dirt… Shell Source: m-vanna.ru some shells have in the design of the roof rails. Especially if it is embedded in a kitchen Cabinet. It’s also a rather convenient place for towels. After all, where a lot of water, it will come in handy. If you have roof rails or shelves for the utensils hanging above the sink, it is also possible to position a towel. Will be like window curtains cute kitchen in a country house.

The backs of the chairs Again, if you have such a fancy kitchen towels, like the Queen’s Palace, they are not ashamed and chairs to hang. And maybe only one to allocate space in the main house. Kitchen cabinets hang Many towels on the handles of the drawers and cabinets in the kitchen. Typically, they are low enough so they can pluck and throw on the floor Pets or small children. So if you “don’t believe in the five second rule” it is better to find a higher spot. Hooks Source: spim.ru you May have noticed in stores cute sets on the wall with petuhom, gloves, towels and other accessories. Well, everything is done for you. It remains only to choose the right color set and find a place in the kitchen for “installation”. Hide Source: Howdens kitchen towel If you more of a rag than a “piece of furniture” then there is nothing wrong to hide it inside the locker. However, in this case, it may be slow to dry. Read more •••

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