6 young and promising Chinese designers

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Women’s forum Each year, within Maison & Objet, an exhibition of Rising Talent, where young and talented designers present their work. This time the organizers invited to participate, six designers from China and show what a modern Oriental design.

Frank was born and grew up in Beijing and saw how the city changed in the decades that influenced his perception of design and architecture. In 2012, the designer founded his own Studio and since then creates functional objects, combining contemporary Chinese vision and European standards.

For example, the Middle chair is shaped like a traditional Chinese chairs made of bamboo, but it looks modern. And upholstery modular sofa Combo the designer used a mix of fabric, leather and wool.

From Zhangzhou, Fujian province, Chen once went on a journey and has traveled over ten thousand kilometers in China. Then he realized that he wanted to become a designer, and began creating objects that combine modern technology and traditional crafts.

At the exhibition, Chen has presented a collection of WUU. When creating aluminum Morandi vases the designer was inspired by the still lifes of Italian painter Giorgio Morandi. However, the use of aluminium Chen decided to furniture design: the Blueprint table with a transparent table top equipped with aluminum legs, and the model Axis is fully made of aluminum.

Mario Tsai traveled widely in China and Nepal, and six years ago moved to Hangzhou and opened his own shop and design Studio. The designer believes that the less materials he uses when creating items, the better. Most importantly — design.

For example, a wall mirror, Two Halves supports the mesh screen which is suitable for storing small items. As a side coffee table shaped like a pig-piggy Bank wearing a wide-brimmed hat. Inside the table there is a convenient place to store, and the “hat” you can put a Cup of tea.

Many years ago Hongi left China to study in the USA and the Netherlands. His work combines the culture of Western and Eastern countries. On the one hand, it is nature in its direct manifestation: the work is sometimes reminiscent of slice of rock. On the other hand, they are perfect, and to achieve this effect only person.

Simi studied design in China and Milan within a few years even managed to work on the well-known top designers Andrea Branzi and Luca, Trazzi in Italy. In 2016, Simi Lee founded his own independent design Studio and furniture brand Urbancraft. The designer believes that Eastern and Western design must coexist and complement each other.

For example, a coffee table Jiazhuang resembles a traditional Chinese casket, but it would easily fit into a modern interior. And Cabinet for TV from the collection of the Yuan — is a system of shelves and coffee tables made of glass, marble and terrazzo, which is now so popular.

A former student of the Institute of industrial design in Guangzhou, founded his own brand in 2011. Bento creates items from materials that are usually used for processing ceramic waste, stone and concrete. This is one of the few designers who raises in his work the theme of environmental protection. By the way, items from recycled waste are interesting. Why are only the planets of the Solar system.

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