8 things to organize the house in order

All the news Finance Women’s Film Sport Auto Health Travel Saturday Game 8 things to organize the house in order&nbsp Rambler 5 hours ago Photo: depositphotos.com Women’s forum sooner or later a question — how to maintain order in the house and get rid of unnecessary things. Come to the aid of little tricks that are indispensable in the organization of the order of the house.

1. Rack with containers

The containers can be stored and make-up accessories, and LEGO, and art supplies. It is important that each thing had its place, then you will know where to find something when you need it. depositphotos.com

2. Dividers for drawers

Irreplaceable thing in everyday life that will help to organize the order, a separator for drawers. They are ideal for separating underwear, socks, accessories and much more. depositphotos.com

3. Containers for refrigerator

The containers will help to organize food in the refrigerator. There you can add all separate categories and not to look for a long time ketchup all over the fridge. depositphotos.com

4. Organizer for remotes

Very convenient for those who constantly loses house control panels. Removing them after each use, in the organizer, you will know exactly where to look. depositphotos.com

5. Hanging storage section in the closet

Storage space is never enough, especially in the wardrobe. Therefore, additional storage is necessary. Use the hanging section in the closet and she will be an excellent place for different accessories. depositphotos.com

6. Storage space in the kitchen

Anyone who wants to organize the space, wondering where to put all the pans and lids in the kitchen. This will help a special place to store kitchen utensils. Pans will not interfere in the boxes and will be carefully allocated. depositphotos.com

7. Holder for mops and brooms

Sometimes even your cleaning products should be kept clean. This task can handle holder for mops and brooms attached to the wall. So they won’t take up any extra space, will not fall off and get in the way on the aisle. depositphotos.com

8. Holders Shoe

Very convenient to allocate each pair of shoes separately. Shoes are not wrinkled, not dirty and do not lose their shape if properly stored. depositphotos.com Read more about ••• Women’s forum Home & garden Read also news partners

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