9 popular ways to damage the interior during the repair

9 popular ways to damage the interior during repair&nbsp Roomble.com + 1 more 18 hours ago Photo: Roomble.com Women’s forum Tell us about it professionals from the design Studio “Domostroy” — architect-designer Marina Buccina, head of supply chain, Christina Polischuk, head of the Studio Olga Duque. Marina Buccina, Kristina Polishchuk, Olga Duque — design Studio “Domostroy” go to profile Marina Buccina, Kristina Polishchuk Olga Duque have extensive experience with modern, relevant designs and are always aware of international fashion in interior design.

Projects Design project of the private house Design project of an apartment in Sevastopol street brigade commander Potapov Plasterboard waves in the style of the nineties both on ceilings and on walls. Partitions, arches, niches, ceilings with complex geometry of plasterboard of yesterday, and a sign of bad taste. While the material itself in some cases simply irreplaceable. It is great for leveling walls, build sleek stylish and ceiling masking communications. Motley ceilings, Even the most austere interior will spoil too much gloss or color saturation of a stretch ceiling. Exacerbate the situation complex multi-level designs, waves and “painting”, to see which, if only to lie down on the floor. This is especially disfigure the interior, if the original floor space and ceiling height is low. Wallpapers Here it’s more about the absurdity of the desktop era of the 90s, but not only about them. Modern Wallpaper can be a stylish addition to the interior, and may on the contrary to create chaos and to undermine all efforts to create original space. Wallpapers from the series “expensive-rich” is left uncommented.

The choice of Wallpapers are the wrong style or mismatch of colors will lead to disastrous results. It is easy to have too much effect if decorate not one, but all the walls in the room. Too small or, conversely, on an enlarged scale drawings sooner or later will overload the nervous system. The whole apartment in one color In contemporary Russian interior all the rarer variegated carpets, fancy furniture or flowered Wallpaper. And that’s good. However, categorical care in a monochromatic color scheme, too, does not Bode well, especially for families with children. Interior without bright colors or even different shades is not presentable and stylish, and often boring and impersonal. Incompatible shades the Other side of the coin — the attempt to reconcile the irreconcilable. The interior, which presented colors of different brightness and saturation incompatible with each other around the color wheel and create a sense of bad taste. When choosing a color scheme interior, it is important to choose the base color, and then in accordance with the preset color schemes (there are many on the Internet) to select auxiliary. The lack of emphasis go Through with accents fairly easily, but to fear them and to avoid the other extreme.

The lack of accents make the interior unfinished, trigger depression, so the tactics of their arrangement, the better to learn even at the design stage. Accents can be textile details, geometric prints on the walls, the use of different finishes. It is important to strike a balance and do not overdo the accents, incidentally killing all the harmony. Overwrought interior Today you can buy interesting Souvenirs and designer accessories. And sometimes it seems that your interior will fit all — they are so stylish and unusual. Alas, as a result of natural purchases all the slots are filled vases and boxes, flower pots and frames for posters. This creates a sense of chaos and clutter, visual noise. Exposed a collection of memorabilia can ruin even the most expensive interior. Kitchen area in the dining area once the l-shaped couch in the kitchen was a limit of dreams of any Russian housewife. He was allowed to put in a small kitchen, double more guests and maximize the use of space. Now this accessory also has the right to life, but it is not necessary to choose among the factory items, the appearance of which is now virtually indistinguishable from those that were 20-25 years ago.

Shower It’s not about stylish, modern shower enclosures of glass, and about the cabins, which were a sign of prosperity of their owners 10-15 years ago. Any interior will not fit bulky and ridiculous indoor boxes with lighting, radio and massage jets — they were replaced by laconic shower enclosures with stylish design. See also: Design a small kitchen: 180+ photos of the interiors of How much does a bathroom renovation: projects with the prices of three-room apartment, decorated with a French chic to Read more ••• Roomble.com: 5 striking examples of the use of automatic curtains Townhouse with an area of 92 meters in a cottage settlement in the suburbs IKEA has released a limited collection of posters Women’s forum see also

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