9 universal devices, which will save your time in the kitchen

9 universal devices, which will save your time in the kitchen. Passion.ru 19 Oct 2018 Photo: Passion.ru Women’s forum Sometimes hosts, that is us, it seems that we all know and have seen, and even more so, what and how to eat. That’s not so. Meet cool devices that will cheer you up, and surprise and “life teaches”.

Ball — stick Cutlery

So much work in office that have no time to even run out for a snack? Then the accessory you need. A whole collection of caps for normal knobs: just put your cap in the form of a fork, spoon or knife and your stationery immediately turn into Cutlery.

Special fork for pasta

I love spaghetti, buy a special plug. They are not only firmly hold the spaghetti, while you carry them to the mouth, but their handles are made in such a way that allow yourself to wind pasta nostology device and not lopeti spaghetti on a plate. Italian food gets straight to the mouth.

A device for Oreo cookies

More precisely a device for dipping of this beloved cookie in the milk. Don’t want to stain your fingers? Use a special holder for cookies. The sponge is placed in it and dipped in milk. Device hard derit Oreo — it will not sink in the glass. Enjoy!

Popcorn fork

Love popcorn, but don’t aim to get your fingers dirty and sticky hands of toddlers after a throw, grabbing you by the clothes? Order a special plug for “movie food.” Thanks to this special forks you can eat popcorn and not get your hands dirty. As a bonus: at the end of the handle has a salt shaker for the “exploded corn” with salt.

Trange for clean fingers

More than 10 years ago the new Yorkers, Eric Zimmermann and Dan Ferrara invented the device, through compared to with what you can eat without soiling the fingers, not just ribs or fried chicken wings, but also to take hands hot vegetables and meat. Tronge are made of harmless polypropylene, they have a universal size that does not depend on finger size. Will suit everyone.

A Spork

Unique Cutlery items spoons and forks. Invented in the USA in the 1870-ies. Used mainly for fast food. Such a device — a godsend for hikers. Sometimes it is called “spark” from the English spork — spoon (spoon) and fork (fork). A spoon with prongs is also a classic device for ice cream.

La cuchara estilográfica

Designer Julie Mariscal created this masterpiece. The original spoon that was due to the small hole at the end turns into a pen. A great poet would be lucky convenient. Yes, and many modern writers and journalists in need of a Cutlery.

Chill plug

This fork is similar to normal, only has three prongs. They are shorter and less acute than the dessert fork. They are often confused, but the chill plug is a completely separate device. Chill the fork used for fish appetizers, and not for everyone, but for hot. Pay attention to it, as often it serves under herring, and a lemon, not knowing the true purpose of Cutlery.

Tweezers for fish

If you like fish and eat it often — this device you will need. And in the “Maritime” countries, it is even often served together with fish dishes. Tweezers can easily and quickly clean the fish from the bones and you can, not being afraid to choke on thin bone to begin the meal.

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