A relaxed classical interior, complemented by contemporary paintings

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Every project is an opportunity to make a discovery: a new way to make a familiar space, to decide on the unusual stylistic accents or to give a chance to methods that were previously banned. This apartment is in the center of Moscow has become an experimental space for the authors of the project, and for the hostess.

Experiment careful, well-calibrated and subtle. So wanted to see my new apartment, and the customer. “Our previous joint project was an example of modern minimalist design. Here before us the task was to build a space in harmony with the taste of the hostess, but it does not happen again. In the search process, we have considered options from the brutal style in the spirit of a loft with brick walls to the elements of French classics. But in the end our vision for the future of the space formed around the image of simple, modern interior with classic elements and bright color accents”, — says Svetlana Zhdanova. The concept was reflected in the planning solution. Public area did not crush the partitions. Functional separation is emphasized by decorative means. The floors in the kitchen / dining room tiled with porcelain tiles, cold beige, and for the living area and the private area architects choose flooring in a natural shade.

The colors of the two zones of the apartment is kept in one direction: natural beige, noble gray color, pure white. Each room of the apartment emphasizes one main color accent. The master bedroom is the red upholstery of the chair in the guest bedroom — purple textiles and accessories, a blue marble in the bathroom and gray–blue tone of the textile and upholstery in the living room. Point the use of bright color serves to support the bright modern painting. “Some of the paintings we have chosen together with the hostess in the gallery of ART4. The part was already in her collection, and our task was to seamlessly fit these paintings in a new interior,” explains Svetlana. Bright modern painting coexist in the same space with classic stucco. Oksana Lobanova said: “Our main task on this project was the balance. The balance between classic elements and modern painting, between the muted colours of the space and bright accents between the desire to try new and understanding of the nature of a specific customer and a specific space. In our opinion, we succeeded. This apartment is cozy and light, it clearly read the character of its mistress — a bright, sophisticated, appreciate the perfect execution of details.”