Along the walls: 4 errors in the placement of furniture in the apartment

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Richer and more abruptly should Not be placed in the same room set from all your favorite things. Furniture stores offer such a wide range that an untrained person simply make your head spin. Often it ends up buying all the things. In order not to overload the room and not “to combine incongruous” designers are advised to define one in the room is the visual center — a place or object which focuses the eye. The rest of the environment should build on it. Remember a simple rule: in the room there can be only one visual center — the subject which focuses the eye.

It can be a bright sofa or comfortable chair, picture or lamp of unusual design. All other furnishings are secondary and should not draw attention to themselves. Their task is to highlight or add to the center of the composition. Along the wall to Forget about the fact that all the furniture should be strictly along the wall. Today, unlike the Soviet times, and the apartment is much more spacious and the furniture is more compact, but the stereotype that the center of the room must be empty, somehow, still alive. Ignore the location of outlets, Yet none of the interior was decorated with an abundance of wires and extension cords along the wall. If you are only planning to arrange the furniture, consider the position of the sockets.

When planning the living space designers are advised to start from the functional components: sockets, Windows, ventilation, doors. Storage space Often we forget that every thing should be your place. And it turns out that the TV remotes lying in a pile on the coffee table, and the iron stands on the windowsill. The best thing you can do for your apartment in advance to consider the place to store things.