Black or white: check what kitchen suits you

Black or white: check what kitchen would suit you

We collected the maximum amount of benefits of both options to make it easier to make a decision.


Easy Cleaning

The black surface is visible every speck of dust or a grease spot, especially if the light falls.

Ease of transformation

White kitchen require bright accents is a plus for those who like change. This kitchen is much easier to transform, simply changing the covers on the chairs or the chandelier.

Scandinavian style

You are a fan of Scandinavian style? Then a white kitchen is definitely your choice!

More light

If the kitchen is on the North side, its a good idea to “highlight”.

Increase in area

A small kitchen is still the kitchen light. The white color expands the space.

Black kitchen


The black color gives depth to the space and comfort. The kitchen area is not dark, if you pick a bright finish.


Want to highlight? It looks much more spectacular in the dark kitchen, and on white it just will not be seen.

Spectacular background

If you have clear or white dishes, it emphasizes the dark background.


Black kitchen will definitely appeal to fans of strict style in the interior.


Black option — long-lasting. It does not fade unlike the brightly colored facades, and the chips and cracks it is not as noticeable.


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