British architects have designed a flying house. Watch right through the wall

All the news Finance Women’s Film Sport Auto Health Travel Saturday’s Game British architects invented flying home. To observe the flight directly through the wall&nbsp Inmyroom + 1 more 7 Feb 2019 Photo: Inmyroom Women’s forum Concept called Hour Glass was presented by the architectural Bureau Studio McLeod and design Studio Ekkist, RBC. A small building, equipped with balloons, will allow owners to move from city to city. Flying home will be easy and will be able to adapt to any climatic conditions. The building is planned to be connected with the frame, so the neighbors could communicate. However, at any time everyone can check out your house and fly away. The facades will be covered with sweeeney skin. It will allow you to change the appearance of the house — for example, to turn into camouflage. And the inner walls are transparent. So residents will be able to see everything going on outside. Intelligent flooring system will be able to climb to different heights and take the form of furniture. Read more •••

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