Christmas upholstery of Viennese chairs by GEBRÜDER THONET VIENNA

In the Christmas collection, the Austrian brand decided to play with the Scottish cage, in combination with which the traditional design of GTV looks unexpected and fresh. The most cheerful subject here is the baby rocking horse, created by the Swedish designer duet Front. A red and white cage gives it a festive look, and the ironic design helps to fit into a modern interior.

In the cage and dressed model Lehnstuhl famous architect, designer and writer Nigel Coates: this chair really "revolves around the human body," as a Briton once spoke about architecture in general. In a green and red cage, instead of the usual reed mesh, it looks more homely and can be a wonderful Christmas present for some dandy and angloman.

Рождественская обивка венских стульев

And if a gift is needed for two, there is nothing better than Morris chair from GamFratesi: it exists in two versions, with two different back heights. Dane Sine Gump and Italian Enrico Frathesi gave the classic Viennese chair new proportions and a soft seat, which by this Christmas will also be checkered.