Conor McGregor celebrated the christening of the daughter of Craii in the castle of the XV century

Конор Макгрегор отпраздновал крестины дочери Кройи в замке XV векаChildren znamenitostyami McGregor celebrated the christening of the daughter of Craii in the castle of the XV century

Important for the UFC fighter and his beloved Dee Devlin the event was held in Dublin August 11. Thanks to the photos from the celebration in social networks it became known the name of the girls parents called her Kroya.

The parents of a six-month baby girl, birth which became known in the beginning of this year, Conor McGregor and Dee Devlin made a large-scale children’s Renaissance faire: the event was organized in the yard of the ancient castle of Luttrelstown previously adorned it with flowers and balloons, called Actresses animators for the role of faye, and children established bouncy castle and the carousel. And all in honor of the sacrament of baptism of their daughter Craii, which was charming in a fluffy white dress and bandana with rhinestones.

While the children frolicked on the rides for adults there was organized a three-course meal and champagne, and in the evening in the castle rocked the disco. On the occasion, other guests were invited the closest: parents Connor Margaret and Tony, his sisters Erin and Aoide, and, of course, was the elder brother of the hero of the occasion – two-year-old Connor, Jr.

Castle Luttrellstown 1420-ies is an estate located a few dozen kilometers from Dublin, Scotland. The castle has 12 bedrooms, a ballroom and a library. A historical monument can be rented for 5 thousand pounds a day.

Conor and Di children – a son Conor, Jr. and daughter young Kroya

The Sister Of Conor, Erin

Guests of the festival

That in the family of Conor McGregor and his girlfriend coming addition, the public learned in the summer of 2018. Congratulating Conor with a 30-year anniversary, Devlin said in social networks one more good news – she will become a mother. For the couple’s second child – Conor McGregor Jr. was born in may 2017. However, despite the fragile family status couple, together since 2008, to tie the knot Conor and Devlin are not in a hurry.