Decorating With Wallpaper Remnants: 5 cool ideas

Surely many of those who once made repairs in the apartment, in the closets housed the remains of the Wallpaper. Today we’ll show you how to get rid of unwanted materials, transforming them through the interior.


Glue the Wallpaper to the drawer fronts and even the simplest dresser will be transformed. By the way, for the decoration you can choose the facade or the inner surface of the boxes, not the side wall.

Remember that the paper Wallpaper is better to varnish that will protect them from various damages and pollution.

Back of the wardrobe

The empty space on the shelves can sparkle with new colors. Only use Wallpaper that is different from those that hung on the walls: you do not want it to dissolve in space?

INMYROOM tip: to decorate the drawers or the back wall of the rack and you can own with rangefinder Zamo, Bosch.
Comes with 3 adapters: laser tape measure, level and izmeritelnoi wheel for measuring curved segments is useful wherever accuracy and precision is paramount.


Few people pays attention to the decoration of cabinets or shelving in a closet or pantry — usually they are stored household chemicals or grain. These things we use regularly, so decorate the pantry is a good idea.


As a basis you can use a tray or make new frames from the picture. Equally nice on a small surface of the tray as one of a kind Wallpaper and the collage of several.

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Panels on the wall

Panels can be in the tone of the walls of the room or, conversely, to stand out with a bright contrasting spot of a square, rectangular, round, in frame and without it, can be single, diptych or triptych.

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On the cover: design project Oleksandra Lagunovoi

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