Design battle: how to decorate a bedroom in a Scandinavian style?

All the news Finance Women’s Film Sport Auto Health Travel Saturday’s Game Design battle: how to decorate a bedroom in a Scandinavian style?&nbsp Inmyroom February 1, 2019 Photo: Inmyroom Women’s forum Together with experts Leroy Merlin, we offered the designers Hope Capper and Tatiana Vorontsova — to make planning decisions in the bedroom of the model on the left. The room is small, the original plan has its pros and cons. Look like a Pro coped with the task, as well as some interpretation of the Scandinavian style offered. The original layout of the room is not very good: the back of the room about 2.5 meters. Regular bed length of about 2.1 metres is included, but the passage is quite narrow. To arrange the necessary furniture, I moved the doorway to the left. Eventually one side of the entrance is a bed, cupboard is the larder, and opposite the entrance is a chest of drawers and mirror. The partition between the pantry and the bedroom was replaced with sliding doors — like wardrobe. By the way, here is perfect louvred grille from Leroy Merlin. Scandinavian interior is monochrome and uses shades of white, gray and black, but in the middle of a long winter, I want bright colors, so we decided to do a color version of the Scandinavian bedroom. The fact that this is Scandinavian style, indicate natural eco-friendly materials and geometric patterns. In the process of selection of the goods I was moving from the particular to the General and began with posters. In Leroy Merlin found what you need: posters with images of the Northern animals and colored triangles. Then in the tone of the posters picked up the Wallpaper for a suitable gamut, too, with colored triangles. To Wallpaper and posters suitable accent wall in the headboard of a deep blue hue. The floor finish and wooden lamps is also driven by the desire to play on the contrast. Against the blue walls look favorably parquet floors and wood fixtures, as well as yellow items. The window and the sill is made in lamination of the color of floor is light oak. Conventional wall sconces replaced the funny pendant lighting in shape of acorns. Textiles — carpet and bedding — managed to pick up also with a geometric pattern, supporting the theme of posters and Wallpapers. White skirting boards and cornices frame the walls. The door on the opposite wall, though not visible, but should be also white frame — Scandinavian aesthetics. A radical redesign I did. The only thing — moved the pantry wall to the space has become wider. The bedroom turned out to be divided into three functional areas: a dressing room, bedroom and area by the window. The latter can be used as a space to read, relax or possibly work — if you replace a coffee table a Desk. The main color scheme is white and gray in traditional Scandinavian style. But several shades of gray: light grey walls, slightly darker — upholstered bed, dark patterned — accent wall in place and a dressing room warmer — on the curtains. As accents chosen a reddish-brown tone and black color. Despite the cold colors, bedroom still seems cozy. Help linen and cotton textiles, bed with soft pillows and lighting. In the room several scenarios of light: track lamp on the wall opposite the bed, the suspension above the bed, and a table lamp. And sconces in the Seating by the window. As for storage — the main load dressing room. So the wardrobe in the room, only a minimalistic chest of drawers, which is not “overload” the interior, and complements it. From the “chips” of the bedroom, you can highlight the hidden door closet: she’s papered with the same Wallpaper as the wall. So the space looks bigger than it really is. And there is no feeling entrance of the room. Read more •••

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