Design Studio apartment of 40 square meters

All the news Finance Women’s Film Sport Auto Health Travel Saturday’s Game Design Studio apartment of 40 square meters&nbsp + 1 more 2 Feb 2019 Photo: Women’s forum Scandinavian style design idea of the 40-meter odnushki can be puzzling. On the one hand, he can not solve the problem of small space, especially if you want to live in a three room apartment with a large kitchen. On the other — he is able to change your lifestyle. In this apartment there lives a girl who decided to leave the kitchen a separate room, as the redevelopment increases the cost of repair of the Moscow odnushki at 300-600 thousand rubles. Modern design: small apartment works for you If you buy a one-bedroom apartment, it usually means that you don’t have enough money for two or three, because most often the “real apartments” are considered as they. But actually so far I think only in Russia and some other countries. In Scandinavia, for example, nobody will come to buy for a single person or even for couples more spacious apartment, even if it is for money. The one here — it’s a lifestyle, care about the resources (even if we are talking about construction resources, measured in square meters), freedom and youth, conscious choice, and not a necessary measure. Scandinavian decor Scandinavian decor is not staying in the interior for many years. Mood, theme, colors change constantly, every month, quarter, year — depending on the temperament of the owner. Today you want a bit of vintage, tomorrow I’ll add a drop of glamour, and the next day I wish to feel the comfort French apartment in Paris. Scandinavian design (or rather, his finishing that is the background) allows you to change. Design a 40-meter odnushki three of the most important secret We will share with you the three Golden rules of interior design typical Studio apartment. They are suitable only for those projects where there will be redevelopment. Do the headsets in the kitchen as long and multi-module. For example, enable a niche, unusual wall side space along the sill. Dining group can be done on the basis of the sill with bar stools and a view, or, as in this project, leave a table with chairs. Make the bed as an art object. No need to hide it. Maybe you want to put just a sofa bed. But if you put the bed, that would be OK too. Just buy a very beautiful, glamorous or ultra-modern bed with a dramatic headboard. Don’t be afraid of emptiness. Don’t get too strict approach to decor of walls, floors, furniture selection and fabrics. Try it first to make everything easier, but to have all the details ideal suited. And something bright you can always add later. Related articles Scandinavian eclecticism in Khimki: stylish apartment for a young family of Scandinavian minimalism at 33 metres Studio apartment with a bed under the ceiling see also: Apartment in modern style design with bright accents Repair-bedroom apartment just over 1.7 million Repair of two-bedroom apartments, with photos before and after to Read more •••

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