Duplex penthouse in the center of Moscow in the style of English classics

All the news Finance Women’s Film Sport Auto Health Travel Saturday’s Game Duplex penthouse in the center of Moscow in the style of English classics&nbsp Salon.ru 3 hours ago Photo: Salon.ru Women’s forum Customers have found authors to publish in the magazine SALON–interior. They liked the style in which architects work. In his apartment they wanted something like that — strict and laconic interior with hints of historicism, but without the lush decor and desirable light. In the process of working on a project of Kirill and Natalia decided to use the technique of color contrasts that are necessary for zoning such a large area (300 square meters). For example, from a spacious and bright living room opens to the study, kitchen and bathroom, decided in the dense, saturated, dark colors. When their doors are open, the alternating dark and light spaces makes the interior more spectacular, increase a sense of depth and volume. The apartment is a penthouse on the top two floors of a modern building in the center of Moscow. “We are convinced that the interior cannot be developed without taking into account the architecture of the building in which it is located, — said Kirill Parmon. — In an effort to create a space where prevailing theme of English classics, in the organization of the volumes, we were guided by the principles of functionality and rationality. Modern plastic theme can be seen in the laconic forms of the stairs and planes design glass fence living room adjacent to the large panoramic Windows of the apartment.” Architects suggested an unexpected planning decision. Contrary to expectations, the bedrooms located on the lower level, where the main entrance to the apartment. And ceremonial public space with dining room, kitchen and office was moved to the top. This was done taking into account the specifics of the architecture of the building — a spectacular sloping stained glass with a stunning panorama of the city opens from the second level. Another daring decision was the placement of the bedroom in the mezzanine area of the first floor, communicating with the upper level. Customers had unexpected and shocking ability to make a bedroom a continuation of the volume the living room, especially as a large stained glass is a common glazing for the bedrooms and living room. And in case you will need to isolate the space, the authors have provided an automatic retractable awning. In order not to block the panoramic view of the city, as the fence of the balcony, the living room, the architects used a frameless glass design. Additional strength and solidity they have added a solid railing, dark wood which was a connecting element between traditional aesthetics and modern materials. The most important part of the work on the project was the integration of numerous engineering communications, which is enmeshed in all the rooms. It and kilometers of wires, “smart house” and surround ducts progressive climate system providing individual temperature and humidity for each room, etc. “Customers — people are sophisticated, they impose high demands on the technical equipment of the apartment, — said Natalia. — Modern interior of today is unthinkable without engineering solutions: they provide the quality and comfort of life.” Cyril Parmon adds, “the Customers of the project — people, modern and active, they travel a lot, seen a lot. We wanted to create a living space for the whole family, including relatives and friends, where each would find a place that would be comfortable and interesting to spend time together”. Read more •••

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