Express Yourself: a review of the new collection Moschino

The eccentric Jeremy Scott has always been famous for its propensity for provocation – it is no wonder that the Muse for his autumn-winter collection, which is already presented in Kyiv, became Madonna. Pop icon, as no one is able to routinely create his behavior controversial reason. However, inspiration is the creative Director of Moschino derived from the early work of the artist. The key for the designer was the Madonna of her music video for the track “Express Yourself”, where she appeared in a simple pantsuit. This and other outputs of the singer influenced the formation of collections of the season autumn-winter 2018. Consider closer.

1. Monochrome

Quiet shades will not be called typical of Moschino, but even they are in the hands of Jeremy Scott take on new meaning. Black dress-coat straight cut with deformation and leather details at the shoulders, an elongated ultra-short top over a white shirt, a black two-piece suit and a simple dress but with a garish logos throughout its length, and is a classic in its modern manifestation.

2. Print

The highlight of this season, of course, are pictures of famous photographer Carlo Molino, transferred to the fabric. Flowing dresses and skirts complemented with unusual prints with images of half-naked models. By the way, these accent items will look great paired with a simple monochromatic jacket or coat.

3. Back to school

Plaid print is always a kind of reference to the thoughts with the studying. Especially in the fall. Jeremy Scott took as a basis the style of the Golden youth of the 80’s- students from ivy League universities. Wool coat and sleek turtleneck tucked into a mini skirt – a classic image of the student of high society.

4. A drop of immaturity

Without the iconic Moschino bear not do any screening of the Italian brand. This season, the famous animal settled on t-shirts, switchto, sweaters and backpacks.

5. The major emphasis

Special attention is given the new line of bags, which feature this season are clutches and backpacks made from genuine sheepskin. A classic tote along with a trendy crossbody as well, Jeremy Scott mixes textures of velvet, leather and textiles. The top image will serve as a concise tennis shoes or sneakers.


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