Four errors in the interior, which absolutely will spoil all impression of the apartment

All the news Finance Women’s Film Sport Auto Health Travel Saturday’s Game Four errors in the interior, which absolutely will spoil all impression of the apartment&nbsp 18 minutes ago Photo: Women’s forum, Few, repairing and furnishing the apartment, hires a designer. With self-design can be individual and comfortable interior, however, from errors nobody is insured. Here are the most typical of them. Decorative excesses. This is something difficult to resist. Too many accessories are not only complicate the cleaning, but also make the room heavy, cluttered and uncomfortable. If before you sit on the sofa, have to clean up the pillows, and the led Museum tours — think about whether harmoniously decorated your home. Furniture, like sticking to walls is a necessary measure in very small rooms. Thus, if in the middle is a lot of empty space, this could be the bell: the location of the elements is not optimal. You can slightly move the sofa away from the wall or even put it in the middle of the room, to fence off the shelf functional areas or put a Desk behind the headboard. This will add room air and originality. A large amount of furniture will visually clutter the room and with high probability to interfere with moving it. If you fear that you will have nowhere to sit rare guests, more economical to buy a folding table and folding chairs or bean bags in the living room. Also prefer multifunctional things and vertical storage for example, choose coffee table chest or a Desk with shelves above it. If a bit of furniture, even a large corner sofa may look great in the apartment perfectly and not bulky. The beautiful interior can spoil an insufficient or inappropriate lighting. How will be placed the lamps must be thought through at the stage of repair. By the way, from the light will depend on the perception of colors, such as warm red spectrum lights will appear brighter and the blue darker. Consider these features, choosing finishing materials. Designers bring to the interior samples and see how they behave under different lighting conditions. Try to do the same. Materials Read more •••

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