How to care for white sofa: 7 tips

“The bright interior — practical, though beautiful. It is better to choose something less easily soiled”. Think the same way? The tips below will help keep the color of the sofa upholstery. After all, you need to buy only what you like.

Remove stains immediately

Sometimes we leave cleaning to the weekend or holiday, but with the light upholstery such principle does not work. Spilled — remove immediately.

Use paper towels

If stained the upholstery with water or other liquid, carefully, lightly blot the place with a paper towel. The main thing — not to allow the upholstery to absorb liquid. After you can use a soap solution or spot remover.

Discard the bleach

Or use them with caution. Chemical agent shall conform to the type of fabric from which made interior. Otherwise, it will damage the surface. Read the instructions on the package.

Buy case

The protective coating is what you need. Use it every day. But before the arrival of a large number of guests or for children’s holiday cover will definitely come in handy.

Or zadekorirovat sofa cushions and a blanket

They can take a major “hit”. And to remove the pillow covers and wash with plaid is not difficult.

Choose special types of fabric

Important for pet owners. To keep the coating intact, bet on anti-vandal fabric: for example, jacquard, flock, chenille.

And need regular cleaning

With a white sofa to save on cleaning will not work. At least weekly, vacuum the fabric and pillows. As a maximum, every six months order professional cleaning. For example, use the services of companies that clean upholstery at home, and to carry the furniture will not have to.

White sofas