How to choose an apartment in “Stalin house”: says the designer

All the news Finance Women’s Film Sport Auto Health Travel Saturday’s Games As to choose an apartment in “Stalin house”: says the designer.&nbsp February 1, 2019 Photo: Women’s forum of New residential complexes are often located very far from the place of work. Then we consider the secondary housing market, often in the center. We will discuss the pros and cons of the “Stalinist” houses, the structural features affecting the interior as well as on how to coordinate the redevelopment, on the optimal style and color scheme for the house 50-ies. “Stalin” houses are built, many areas of Moscow. They were built from the late 1930s to late 1950s and was created by the French and other European standards, being copies of the Paris, Brussels originals. “Stalinka” are luxurious, the so-called nomenclature, as those that are located on Kutuzovsky Prospekt, near the embankment of the Moscow river, and is the simplest that can be called ordinary, such a quarter of trade Union. They share common features: beautiful facades, large Windows, thick brick walls and high ceilings. The “Stalinist” houses have both advantages and disadvantages. Tatiana bezverha, interior designer, Founder and owner of the Studio interior TB.Design, graduated from the MGHPA them. Stroganoff in 2015 (faculty of artistic design of interiors). the Main advantage — high ceilings of three meters, in item houses and sometimes four meters and even higher. These houses may persist for a very beautiful stucco, it can be restored, retaining the spirit of antiquity. Sometimes in good condition goes to the floor of mosaic parquet. In “Stalinka” almost no load-bearing walls (in a two-bedroom apartment is usually not more than one). It gives tremendous opportunities for redevelopment, so the designer will be able to realize all your dreams. Excellent insulation and a very warm thick walls, and large Windows with wide window sills — the obvious advantages of the “Stalinist” home. In Stalin’s homes no more than four apartments to the stairwell, as a rule, even less so such houses are very cozy. Around them — big yards with trees that are 40-50 years old, infrastructure. Areas that have a “Stalin” building is usually quiet and calm. In the fifties there lived the Soviet elite, and the echo of its being felt to this day. In the “panel” areas generally lived with the family of workers. The main advantage of “stalinok” is the price, especially for apartments in bad condition, where everything is under dismantling. In the end, after repair you get a European housing price of new buildings, but in the center of the city. The disadvantages of such houses too. Usually you will have to make repairs. Bad, outdated the initial plan involves a major overhaul with replacement of communications, radiators, Windows and doors, demolition of walls and erection of new. Not everyone likes the entrances. Uncomfortable the lack of a freight Elevator and Parking in the yard. Design features that affect future interior, several. Load-bearing walls: as a rule, one to the apartment. The openings can extend technically, but it’s hard to reconcile. The law on alterations rigorous, but the small number of load-bearing walls is usually possible to make a modern comfortable layout. We should not forget about the kitchen gasified, which must be separated by doors with a tight vestibule. After dismantling can be detected reinforced concrete or I-beams. Undoubtedly, they can be nice to beat, but it will be a surprise to make the repairs yourself. The interior style would be a neat combination of retro 60s (midcentury modern) and modern style. Talking about beautiful, but nevychurny the moldings, trim panels, flooring and rich colours. Very stylish looks like a mixture of several styles: retro, modern classics, American, contemporary, Scandinavian. Look vibrant colors and bold combinations make the interior aristocratic. That does not fit the “Stalinist” houses, so this is a radical minimalism that does not match architecture, and “Versailles” Palace style, which is here not the same atmosphere. Many customers choose the interior between the loft, neo-classics and Scandinavian style. Related articles Luxury “Stalinist” apartment with American style apartment in a retro style in “Stalin” house with a Bay window see also: New summer: 3 cool design ideas a perfect bathroom is Collected in parts: 12 finished interior, How to choose the right light, so as not to harm the health to Read more •••

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