How to get the maximum from the minimum of space: a full-featured apartment in Taiwan area of only 22 square meters

All the news Finance Women’s Film Sport Auto Health Travel Saturday’s Game How to get the maximum from the minimum of space: a full-featured apartment in Taiwan area of only 22 square meters&nbsp 5 hours ago Photos: Women’s forum Urbanization every year is gaining momentum, more and more people move to cities, and housing prices all grow and grow. The capital of Taiwan Taipei is no exception. It is a compact apartment, the design of which was engaged in the architectural Bureau A Little Design. Architects conjured over the Studio area of 22 square meters that the happy owner not only received all the necessary for a comfortable stay, but even manages to exercise in such a tiny space. Source: Bored Panda Area microquantity a total of just 22 square meters, but the ceiling height of 3.3 meters left the designers room for maneuver. The specialists had a task to combine comfort and beauty with maximum functionality. They managed to simplify movement through the apartment and place broad areas: kitchen, sitting area, bedroom and workplace. And the high ceiling allowed to organize on an additional level of sleeping space and storage space. For a warm and cozy atmosphere chose neutral colors — white and natural oak. So the first level is from the second floor. On the second level is the sleeping area and the stairs leading to the hide additional storage space. To get to the shelves, put rocker metal staircase. The customer insisted that the apartment necessarily present storage system with bookshelf. The landlady travels a lot for work and return home often only wants to take a hot bath and a good night’s sleep. The mezzanine was the bedroom with a double bed and a work Desk. Because of the low ceiling at this level it is impossible to stand up, but then it creates the feeling of a private personal space and tranquility is what you need after a busy day. Kitchen in the Studio is compact, but fully functional. There is also a washing machine. The kitchen area is located in the recess and does not interfere with movement between rooms. Two tables in the living room transformirovalsya one dining table, but if you want — and in the bar. When they are parallel to the wall space in the room increases — it is possible to play sports or invite friends. The bathroom set bath with shower, which greatly saved space and gave the opportunity to put the water heater. Sliding doors and mirrors visually expand the room. Here is the plan of the first level. To equip a small Studio was a challenge, but the designers have made every corner of the most functional. Read more •••

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