How to make a stylish tent for a child’s room with their hands

All the news Finance Women’s Film Sport Auto Health Travel Saturday’s Game How to make a stylish tent for a child’s room with their hands&nbsp 11 hours ago Photo: Women’s forum Is not just an original decoration in your child’s room, and a cozy corner, which is the dream of every kid. Who of us in childhood did not make their own houses, under the stairs or under the table? Who has not dreamed of the tree house? Every child wants to find a cozy area where you can play and fantasize for pleasure, but the task of parents to help him. If you love to sew and do crafts, this video may be useful to you. In the video you will find detailed instructions on how to make a stylish tent in the nursery. To create the tent doesn’t need to possess the skill of a seamstress, enough basic skills and the desire to please your child a pleasant surprise. Video can be taken as a basis for the realization of their own ideas. The tent can be decorated with original embroidery, or make stripes with your favorite cartoon characters of your baby. Also, the top can hang the lights that would flicker in the dark. Surrender to the fantasy, feel like a kid again and create a story for those who most of all love. Read more •••

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