How to save space in the control Cabinet: tiered hangers and shelf dividers

All the news Finance Women’s Film Sport Auto Health Travel Saturday’s Game How to save space in the control Cabinet: multi-level racking and shelving dividers&nbsp 20 minutes ago Women’s forum It’s a great time to update your wardrobe. No new wardrobe to buy it not necessarily, the main thing is to learn some techniques to save space.

Tiered hangers. Clothing on hangers is probably the most decent volume in the Cabinet. To optimize this space, you can hang it on a hanger a few more pieces. To do this, use tiered hangers with extra hooks, or try to adapt the means at hand — staples, chains and jump rings from cans…

Save on air. Seasonal items and clothes that don’t need as often can be stored in special vacuum packages. This is the perfect invention for those who care about every inch in the wardrobe. With the help of a vacuum cleaner through a special hole in the package is sucked air, and even the thick blanket will occupy a minimum amount of space.

Share wisely! On the broad shelves of things often piled on top of each other, creating chaos and disorder. That is a great idea for neat folding things — in shelf dividers. You can buy ready, and you can do with your hands. They will help to avoid confusion and save some space. After all, the smoother things are composed, the less they take up space. For example, a small towel can be twisted into rolls and place on top of each other, separating into sections. Small things like underwear and socks, it is better to store in a compact drawers with cells or in special boxes (drawers) — so they will be easier to find and they don’t take up much space. Be easier if you distribute linen into convenient categories — seasonal, events, colour, and so on. Long accessories — ties, scarves, belts — you can collect on a single tiered rack, so they all immediately were in sight. To save space in the closet is better to place these accessories on the Cabinet door. Materials Read more •••

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