Industrial chic in “Cranberries”

Merchant in the heart of the capital on Krasnoproletarskaya opened the pastry shop “Cranberry”.

A hundred years ago in this building printmakers pounded heavy presses, rustled the pages of new books, soiled hands fresh black paint. Here today hear the voices of the modern Metropolitan people, and at ten meters a glass case, every day a choice of 250 dishes of Russian and European cuisine.

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“Cranberries” is located in the former printing house “Red proletarian”. The founders of the cafe decided not just to keep the flavor of a bygone era, but also to throw a bridge between the past century and the present. Therefore, with high ceilings typical of the era of constructivism ribbed concrete ceilings are juxtaposed with large Windows and brick walls, which was specially restored and made a part of the modern interior. To emphasize the characteristics of this space, it was decided to build in metal wall construction and use the alloy of iron and copper for the entrance lobby. This step will approve as restorers, and lovers of today’s fashionable industrial style.

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Business card cafe “wine chandelier” made to order on an individual project. 25 bottles of white wine, through which a warm light, creating the impression of a warm sea of dawn. Guests dining sitting at white tables and chairs of the Italian company Pedrali, which year after year gets all the most prestigious European awards in the field of design. Long benches of solid beech wood, made to order, add interior warmth and like an invitation to cozy Lunches, breakfasts and dinners.

012 2278Every morning you can enjoy aromatic coffee and fresh pastries: croissants, tarts, pies and homemade bread. In the autumn menu — bream baked with tomatoes, fish cakes, zucchini beans, eggplant with mozzarella and pumpkin pancakes. A great end to the meal would be the desserts. They are in the “Cranberry” more than 30 kinds: from the classic “Napoleon” and the blueberry cheesecake to elegant tartlets with berries and cake “Raspberry sundae”.

Krasnoproletarskaya, 16

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