Inside The Newly Renovated Hôtel de Crillon In Paris

In the summer of 2017, the hotel "Crillon" was opened in Paris after the reconstruction. The project involved Karl Lagerfeld – he created the most luxurious room and, in the best traditions of the whims of the aristocracy, dedicated it to his cat.


One of the historical salons of the hotel "Crillon" was designed by designer Alin Asmar d'Amman. Pay attention to the combination of restored interior and modern details like two giant magnifying glasses – Alin put them in honor of the famous advice of Louis XIV to be more attentive to detail.
The word "hotel", applied to buildings in France, can be misleading: we think that it is a hotel, but hotels have been called urban mansions. In the case of the hotel "Crillon" there is no mistake – the mansion on the Place de la Concorde, built in the late 18th century and owned by the Duke of Crillon, and it really became a luxury hotel in the 1900s. In its walls have visited everything, from Charlie Chaplin to Michael Jackson. But the glorious history did not save the hotel "Crillon" from some decline, and at one time it did not match its past.

Гостиная номера “Герцог Крийон”, в отличие от спальни, выдержана в историческом стиле.


The living room of the Duke of Crillon, unlike the bedroom, is historic.
In 2010, the "Crillon" was bought by representatives of the Saudi royal dynasty, and in his life a new chapter began. In 2013, was launched a large-scale reconstruction, which cost millions of dollars. In the summer of 2017, the updated "Crillon" opened the doors for the guests. The rooms in it became smaller (124 instead of 147), but the hotel itself became even more luxurious than before.

Гостиная номера, ­который Карл Лагерфельд посвятил своей кошке. Все здесь выдержано в тонах ее дымчато-­серой шерстки.


The living room of the room, which Karl Lagerfeld dedicated to his cat. Everything here is sustained in the tones of its smoky gray wool.
Reconstruction was held under the architect Alin Asmar D'Amman – a native of Lebanon had previously worked for the Saudis. She did not begin to do the whole project herself, but she distributed tasks among several designers. Tristan Oeer was engaged in public areas, Cyril Vernioll – standard rooms, and Shahan Minassian designed a bar, a tea Jardin d'Hiver, a restaurant, a swimming pool and five deluxe rooms. Alina herself designed three suites and refreshed the decor of the three historical salons overlooking the Place de la Concorde. In all rooms, designers boldly mixed the old and the new, seeking to rid the interiors of the "dust", but show respect to the legendary palace. "It was important for me not to lose my sense of humor in my work," says Alin. "A luxury hotel is a place of pleasure, it should make you smile."


Столовая зона в самом роскошном номере отеля “Крийон”, оформленном Карлом Лагерфельдом. Номер состоит из трех частей — центральная посвящена любимице Лагерфельда, кошечке Шупетт. С центром можно соединить еще два люкса по бокам, и тогда сюит превращается в единое целое — Grands Appartements.


The dining area is in the most luxurious room of the Crillon Hotel, designed by Karl Lagerfeld. The room consists of three parts – the central one is dedicated to the favorite of Lagerfeld, the cat Shupett. With the center you can connect two more suites on the sides, and then the suite turns into a single whole – Grands Appartements.
Most of all in "Crillon" Alin is proud of the Grands Appartements suite – to its creation she attracted Karl Lagerfeld himself. And before they started working, they were not even acquainted, she just wrote him a letter (verily, impudence is the second happiness). Lagerfeld with pleasure "composed" the number in honor of his cat Shupett – he is the same smoky gray and graceful. And somehow this idea – "Kaiser of fashion, who came up with a number for his beloved cat" – looks much more historically organic than carefully restored interior details. Even the design in the campfeld room is strict and modern. It's about aristocratic playfulness, when nobody saves on whims and hobbies. How did Maria-Antoinette, who used to visit the Crillon Palace for music lessons, not save on her entertainment?


Спальня лагерфельдовского номера. На стенах условно театрализованные современные картины на тему “старинной жизни”. “Работа с Лагерфельдом была для меня счастьем, — рассказывает Алин. — Он просто ходячая энциклопедия”. В декоре номера использованы мотивы одной из любимых картин Лагерфельда, работы живописца XVIII века Жака де Лажу, а также раппорт ткани, которой была украшена Версальская опера в 1770-м по случаю свадьбы Марии-Антуанетты и дофина Людовика (будущего Людовика XVI).


The bedroom of the campfeld room. On the walls conditionally modernized paintings on the theme of "ancient life." "Working with Lagerfeld was a blessing for me," says Alin. "He's just a walking encyclopedia." The decor of the room uses the motifs of one of Lagerfeld's favorite paintings, the work of the 18th-century painter Jacques de Lajoux, as well as the rapport of the fabric, which was decorated with the Versailles opera in 1770 on the occasion of the wedding of Marie Antoinette and the Dauphin of Louis (future Louis XVI).


Спальня лагерфельдовского номера.


The bedroom of the Lagerfeld's room.


Ванная комната при лагерфельдовском сюите “Крийона”. Ванна вырезана из двухтонного куска мрамора. По мнению Алин, это “самая красивая ванная в мире”.


Bathroom in the campground suite "Crillon". Bath is carved from a two-ton piece of marble. According to Alin, this is "the most beautiful bathroom in the world."


Фрагмент номера Duc de Crillon (“Герцог Крийон”), оформленного Алин. В нем царит истинно мужская атмосфера.


Fragment of the number Duc de Crillon ("The Duke of Crillon"), issued by Alin. It has a truly masculine atmosphere.


Ванная комната номера “Герцог Крийон”, одного из трех, оформленных арт-директором реставрации отеля Алин Асмар д’Амман.


The bathroom of the "Duke of Crillon", one of three, designed by art director of the restoration of the hotel Alin Asmar d'Amman.


Выходящий на площадь Согласия отель “Крийон” был построен в рамках проекта 1755 года архитектора Жак-Анжа Габриэля. Однако само здание строил Луи-Франсуа Труар в 1770 году. Тогда особняк назывался “Отель д’Омон”, герцог Крийон купил здание только в 1788 году.


Entering the Place de la Concorde, the Crillon Hotel was built as part of the 1755 project of the architect Jacques-Ange Gabriel. However, the building itself was built by Louis-Francois Trouart in 1770. Then the mansion was called "Hotel d'Aumont", the Duke of Crillon bought the building only in 1788.


Вид на фасад ­отеля “­Крийон”, одного из знаковых зданий Парижа, со стороны фонтанов на площади Согласия.


View of the facade of the hotel "Crillon", one of the iconic buildings of Paris, from the fountains on the Place de la Concorde.