Japanese designers presented Muji house at 9 square meters

All the news Finance Women’s Film Sport Auto Health Travel Saturday Games Japanese designers presented Muji house at 9 square meters&nbsp JUICE.media 4 Feb 2019 Photo: JUICE.media Women’s forum of Contemporary designers come up with new forms of the interior. Some of them are real trends and quickly gain popularity around the world. In recent years, a new trend. Appeared more projects are small apartments that are called “smart homes.” There is nothing extra — only the necessary living space. The most common one-bedroom apartments, divided into different zones. Later they began to appear even smart homes. The concept was the same as the apartments — nothing more. The designers of the Japanese company Muji has introduced a new concept of portable house Muji Hut. Its area is only 9 square meters. That failed to fit the designers in such a small area? And what about the Japanese? Read more ••• JUICE.media: latest news IKEA will deliver furniture to rent 6 places where you can hang kitchen towels 7 dizzying facts about twins that you haven’t heard the Home and garden , Fashion news partners

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