Living room design in private house: top 25 photos of the interiors

All the news Finance Women’s Film Sport Auto Health Travel Saturday Games living room Design in private house: top 25 photos of the interior&nbsp February 1, 2019 Photo: Women’s forum In this article we’ll look at how you can arrange a room in a private country house, what style and to choose the furniture, Wallpaper or paint, what colors and shades now in Vogue. We provide you with popular options and also the most practical solutions from professional interior designers. Living room design in private house: with or without a kitchen? Many now are solved in the arrangement of a combined kitchen-living room in a private home. This approach works positively in two cases. If the house is very small and the total area kitchen-living room at least 35 square meters, you definitely ought to unite them. This layout will fit you, if your family does not like to be separated during leisure time (e.g., age, sex or Hobbies) or she’s just very small, 2-3 people. Design a living room with a Grand dining room in one room is best if the living area is the main dining room. It can be a table of only six, eight or ten or twelve persons. Imagine how many people you would like to collect on your birthday or on New year, and you know exactly the size of your front room. Living room design in wooden house, wooden house, many designers suggest to plaster or make the stone part of the walls to vertical wooden surfaces was a little less. This approach works well in all styles — in Provence, loft Chalet, and rustic, country and Mediterranean style. Even if you live in simple timber and not the frame, you should plaster a couple of walls and paint them in a nice shade of (olive, gray-blue, chocolate, latte). Design living room in modern house modern house living room should be bright, spacious, minimalist. Such a room can be full of details, but it is better if the interior will be sparkling, white, transparent, concise. Furniture should choose practical, versatile and neutral colours — white, grey, ashen, the color of coffee with milk. Design small living room / 30 sq. meters: what to rule out If your private home for the living room given less than 30 square meters, we advise you to step back from the big u-shaped sofa and two small two— or three-seat sofas and a few armchairs. It is also better to replace the fireplace the bio fireplace, dining room to make a small (six person) and put a bar but not a massive library. Design large living room 30 sq. meters: what to add If you have more space, it makes sense to organize the Seating area by the fireplace, a Desk area, a place to relax or read near the exit to the terrace, to expand the dining room, and leave more empty space in the center of the room and along the Windows. See also: What color to choose for the living room: tips designers Just 5 things — and your living room will not know 20 small living rooms loft-style: the expert opinion of the designer Barbara Zelenetskii to Read more •••

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