Manufacturer of exclusive children’s furniture “Sophie Store”

Mom of three wonderful kids, founder of Sophie Store Design & Decor, Marina Tseboeva pretends to be a perfectionist in everything as a time and her personal feeling dictates. In 2003 when her second baby Sophia decided to make her parents even more happy then, they thought, they already are, with her appearance, she desperately was looking for the best furniture for her, but couldn’t find it – a bed with a style not in a prejudice of a comfort, functionality and environment safety.

So, she decided to make her own bed for her little angel… then a dresser, shelves, and other pieces of different furniture every Mom really needs – thats how Sophie Store began, as a lot of my mom-friends asked to make same items for their kids. And now, she knows how to satisfy the highest standards of a tried parent and produce the very special custom made exclusive Furniture for baby rooms and am happy to satisfy the very demanding little boy’s and girl’s dreams to grow with a sense of style surrounded with love.

Russian manufacturer of exclusive children’s furniture Sophie Store offers pragmatic parents crib adjustable “for growth.” Elegant model “Chicago” made of solid pine, allows adjustment of the orthopedic base height as well as the ability to delete or completely remove the front grille. In the first “incarnation” bed is ideal for small kids and most importantly, meet all the necessary safety regulations for baby: first base can be lifted high – it is convenient to adjust as the child grows, thus increasing height skirting. Bed size is 150 to 180 cm and is suitable even for a teenager. Incidentally, the process of transformation of children furniture is seen as an exciting game and fun to take part in it.  

Elegant, minimalistic, with hints of classical, design combined with functionality. The range of several models of cots for babies, dresser, chest of drawers and a couple of cabinets – the same as all the most necessary for a child’s room. Just open the Sophie Store catalog and think “buy everything”, because it is what you was looking for. Marina Tseboeva founder of Sophie Store Design & Decor: room for growth. Trend in the children’s furniture-transformer. 

“The main factor why children like items transformers – psychological. Children are very difficult to go into a new furniture as they grow older, they find it difficult to get used to. And there is the moment of sentimentality. Parents can equip a children’s room once without colliding with then need to change something and to adjust for the new furniture. “