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All the news Finance Women’s Film Sport Auto Health Travel for last Saturday’s Game was Named the best washing powder&nbsp + 14 10 hours ago Photos: Women’s форум32 Expert centre of the Russian consumers Union “Roskontrol” conducted a study of washing powder. It has involved samples of seven brands: the “Myth”, Tide, Sorti, BiMax, Clean OK/”Our family”, “Biolan”, AOS/”I was born”. The latter is indicated as as a powder for baby clothes. The main criterion of the study — toxicity powders. The official rules govern this indicator only for children’s detergent, but the importance it has for everyone else. According to generally accepted standards, the value of the toxicity index shall not fall outside the range 70-120%. All tested samples violated the norm: a Large index equals to 66 percent, “the biolana” — 28 percent. The experts also examined the effectiveness of washing powders in the context of the presence of surface-active substances (surfactants) in the rinse water. The worst result for anionic surfactants (vanadium, arsenic, selenium, molybdenum) showed the AOS powder/”I was born” — 47 milligrams of surfactant per liter of water, the best “Myth”, BiMAX, Clean OK/”Our family” (13 milligrams per liter). Most nonionic surfactants (calcium, strontium, barium, radium, copper) is deposited in washing powder AOS/”I was born” — 8.5 milligrams per liter, in the wash “MYTH”, BiMax, Clean OK / “Our family” (2.3 milligrams per liter). In addition, experts tested the powder on the effectiveness. In the “Myth” has received 75 points, BiMAX — 74 points, Sorti — 73 points, Tide — 71, “Biolan” — 67 points, Clean OK / “Our family” and AOS/”I was born” — for 66 points. The study “Roskontrol” recognized as the most effective powders “Myth” and BiMAX. AOS/”I was born” is listed in the black list for the worst toxicity index. Read more about •••

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