Non-volatile guest house 63 m, built by modular technology

All the news Finance Women’s Film Sport Auto Health Travel Saturday’s Games non-Volatile guest house 63 m, built on a modular technology&nbsp ZAGGO.RU 6 hours ago Photo: ZAGGO.RU Women’s forum in the design of the houses the Europeans put at the forefront of ecobudget. The buildings fit into the landscape very carefully, with sensitivity to the topography and trying to leave growing trees on the plot intact. As written by Gibran Khalil Gibran: “Trees are poems that earth writes on the sky.” And the architect Daniele, Menikini, designing a small cottage, made sure the old birch tree only one tree stood in the way of developers. It seemed that the easiest way was to knock him out and not to beg the question of how to put the house without hurting the plant. However, the love of nature was higher than rationalism — the building gave a special form to this gallant veteran in any case not affected. The cottage itself (the authors of the project called him Green Zero) represents the epitome of constructivism. Its shape is characterized by strict geometry and seemingly very distant from our traditional country houses. The box was built on modular technology, based on the design — wooden frame. The facades are almost entirely “dressed” in wood, protected with wax. Only the rear facade is covered with zinc-titanium plates — their smooth, streamlined shape promotes optimal descent rain. From energy efficiency solutions architect proposed a power supply system with solar batteries, they are installed on a flat roof. The most important point where the interior merges with the landscape on the terrace. Its dark metal towers resemble interwoven tree trunks. An important addition to the artificial sources of light have huge panoramic Windows. They also added all areas of amount of and let in natural surroundings. Green Zero has only three zones (bedroom, bathroom and terrace) and is conceived as a guest house. Although if you want to 63 m2 a place for the kitchen. Daniele, Menikini made the old birch is almost part of the interior. It grows outside the house, but with Windows from floor to ceiling, became a living accent in the interior of a Metal pipe on the terrace serve as supporting elements for the roof and however, play an aesthetic role. Two of them also perform the function of the gutters Solar panels installed on the flat roof, not only implement the concept of “environmental friendliness”, but also make the house energy efficient In the design is dominated by natural shades. This design project author calls “natural chic”. Monochrome composition is diluted with catchy colors — for example, in the bedroom is a bright accent wall and headboard, as well as echoing them to the chair and Ottoman to Read more •••

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