Prepare small bedroom: 7 tricks that work

Prepare small bedroom: 7 techniques that work

Photo: Inmyroom

If the bedroom area is quite small, you have to make concessions — to give up the head of the bed and bulky furniture.

  1. Paint the walls in the same shade as the floor. We recommend a light color. And if you do the accent ceiling — for example, to paint in bright color — the effect will only intensify.
  2. Discard the head — better to hang over the bed shelves.
  3. It is better to put a big cupboard than a few small drawers or cabinets. So you will save space, and all the clothes will be stored in one place.
  4. If you can’t live bedside tables, choose the suspended model. They look easier than the more solid base.
  5. Volume of the blankets and pillows look beautiful only in pictures on the Internet. In a small bedroom, they will overload space — compact bed will look like in two times more than it is. It is better to choose a few small pillows and a light blanket.
  6. Heavy curtains just will not give the room lightness. Moreover, in the bedroom must be more natural light.
  7. Long the suspensions will visually raise a low ceiling. Needed — place them next to the low bed.
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