Scandinavian one-room apartment with a kitchen in the corridor

All the news Finance Women’s Film Sport Auto Health Travel Saturday’s Game Scandinavian apartment with kitchen, hallway&nbsp Inmyroom 12 hours ago Photo: Inmyroom Women’s forum In the Swedish malogabaritki area of 30 squares all at hand: the layout is very simple and includes one living room and hallway, pantry and bathroom. The window is also only one, and if the room is enough daylight, the corridor is always in the shade. That small space was comfortable, the designers went way above and beyond and created another corridor of the kitchen cabinets and tall Cabinet for storage. Since the space is pretty narrow upper cabinets in the kitchen organized open to add air. Wardrobe made with mezzanine to build an alcove and put him in bed, and at the same time to disguise the speaker box ventagli at the ceiling. Thanks to a series of track lights in the dark and “kitchen” corridors decided the problem with the lack of daylight. In addition, the rail with ceiling lamps and carried across the room to the window by setting the ceiling right rhythm and contrast. Next to the kitchen there was a living room with a dining table, and a bed — living room with sofa, coffee table and a few stools around. Each zone is very compact, but complete. When the space is well thought out, it is small: it remains to add coziness and home heat. To achieve the desired effect the designers managed quite traditional ways: tactile melkopeschanym blankets, pillows and soft carpet on the floor, different light sources and furniture with light wood. A good and expressive turned and the space at the window, where the designers have thought through a dense curtain from floor to ceiling to match the cabinets. In addition to reliable protection from the sun and prying eyes a large area of dense graphite curtains shade is in the interior of a large spot of color, “collecting” a few areas and many of the interior elements into a single complete view. Read more •••

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