Sorry, what is it? Top 8 well, very strange stuff from cool designers

Sometimes the imagination of designers goes too far and oversteps the bounds of appropriateness. As a result: very strange things for insane amounts of money that still buy because “firm”. Collected 8 well, very expensive and very ridiculous design ideas.

In the case of fries

Incredibly popular phone case from Moschino in the form of fries, which was released in 2014 (it cost $ 70 — about 4500 rubles).

Boomerang Chanel

Nothing unusual, just the boomerang from Chanel for only 1460 $.

Perfume Moschino

How do you package perfumes Moschino? Yes this is toilet duck!

Dress straw hats

Jacquemus has created a dress of straw hats, which will be yours for a mere 3000 dollars.

Moschino Dress

This dress Moschino for 560 pounds suspiciously like a cheap garment bag.

Balenciaga or IKEA?

Balenciaga introduced the bag that IKEA sold years. Only for a fashion accessory will have to pay $ 2000, and for the shopper — $ 1.

Skirt of tires

And again Balenciaga. This time the skirt rubber for 2000 euros, which is almost impossible to distinguish from the tires.

Transparent jeans

The mass market is also distinguished themselves: these jeans out of a transparent polyurethane Topshop offered for just $ 100.