The aroma and atmosphere: 6 candles for the home

For cosy evenings

Candles have long ceased to be just a fad — they fill the house with scents that affect the body: relax, invigorate, relieve stress. When light the candle for the first time, heat it and let the wax on the surface to completely melt — then the next times it will burn evenly with no holes.

Lancome, candle Grands Crus Orange Bigarade Сandle, 6500 RUB.

Heavy candle in white ceramic with embossed patterns will be a beautiful addition to the interior in the bedroom. The aroma plays a major role bitter orange, mixed with smoky Ceylon tea is a creation of perfumer Christophe Raynaud. Ideal for winter evenings.

Аромат и атмосфера: 7 свечей для дома (фото 1)

Flame, candle, White, Alexandra, was 2750 RUB.

Moscow brand produces into harmless candle coconut wax and natural cotton fidelem. Aroma Alexandra is a very warm, sweet, but not cloying and obvious sugar. It infused sandalwood, patchouli, powdered leaves of clover, cedar, musk and a bit of cloves, and chewy sweetness meets Madagascan vanilla.

Tonka, Tonka perfumed candle, 4600 RUB.

Another Moscow brand: candles are made from hypoallergenic apricot wax — it is safe, gives generously of flavor and melts evenly. Their main candle — Burner, the aroma of which is dedicated to the famous ingredient is the beans is thin. It mixed with light tobacco, patchouli and delicate vanilla. By the way, each candle can be personalized and ask you to put on it any inscription


Fragrance candle fills the whole room instantly and for a long time in the air. It is herbal, woody and very deep, but without the grassy sharpness: reminiscent of essential oils at low concentration. In the perfume pyramid they — essential oils of Basil, patchouli, sage and geranium. Candle better to light a night — the aroma helps to relax and quickly relieve stress.


Jo Malone, candle Wood Sage & Sea Salt, 3800 RUB

The famous fragrance is a bouquet of fresh flowers that accidentally dipped into the sea water. The candle Swazi mineral flavor like salt triturated with sage and flower petals, and the top is misted with a grapefruit and put the pieces of plum. The latter makes the scent slightly powdery and gives it a mild sweetness.

Аромат и атмосфера: 7 свечей для дома (фото 11)


The candle has a creamy, velvety flavor it is warming and reminiscent of Oriental sweets. It is the combination of soft sandalwood with vanilla Orchid and vanilla Bourbon. This is not a classic vanilla in this candle it is more vegetative and not traditionally sweet.


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