The design of the site with his own hands: 8 landscape styles and motifs

All the news Finance Women’s Film Sport Auto Health Travel Saturday’s Game plot Design with your own hands: 8 styles of landscape and of the motives&nbsp 7 Feb 2019 Photo: Women’s forum To design the site, it is important to choose the right style to the atmosphere fit your home, existing buildings (gazebo or sauna), as well as landscape. For different climate and location of the house have their own styles. For example, in the suburbs, where there are few tall trees will look beautiful country Chalet and minimalism — provided that you plant a coniferous culture. Here do not need high foliage plants. But the English style, Mediterranean Provence and the high grown trees are simply necessary. Mediterranean style is suitable for garden in the desert or in the South of Russia, for territories with a humid climate. Plot design in the English style English style you need a high and thick trees, at least in neighboring areas. Choose shrubs from hydrangeas, peonies and roses, mock orange, and perennials with lush greenery. The basis of the English garden is the greens, to furnish suitable stone gray color, ordinary red brick, dark wood. Garden in the English style does not look bright, rather quiet. English style — the easiest option for independent design of the site. The design of the site in the style of minimalism Minimalism does not need tall trees and near any surroundings, because all you can implement on your site. Minimalism does not like messy and not geometric crown. In design is a preference for grey, white and black, you can use everything from concrete and stone to wood and plastic. In the landings prized variety of green accents, textures, and not the flowers themselves. Minimalism is a rather difficult style to plot because few people really willing to limit themselves in the choice of flowers and plants to create the desired effect. Plot design in a Mediterranean style, Mediterranean style, on the contrary, one of the highlights. He needs a cypress or arborvitae, bougainvillea, or at least climbing roses, fountains, galleries, arched walkway and patio, ceramic tile is a warm color and honey-chocolate wood. In the crop preferred the southern culture, primarily valued unusual and large flowers. The design of the site in a Chalet style, the Chalet-Style has a Northern (canadian, infinity, Alpine, regular) style landings. The decoration and the design uses a lot of stone and wood, massive architectural elements and large terraces. Plot design country style country Style — is primarily the design of wooden terraces and a dining room with rustic textiles, stone paths and wooden fences, not the format of the landings. Design inspired by the landscapes of the desert, Such a design is grass, cacti, succulents and sedums, various shrubs, perennials and flowers that can withstand drought and has a strict geometric form. Design a La desert popular in California, Texas and Arizona (USA), Australia and Morocco, Spain and Portugal. The basis for taking certain plants, herbs in a garden a little, for decoration use ceramic tiles natural yellow tones. Usually there is little wood, but many are plastered in yellow or sand color concrete. The design of the site in the French Provence style Provence Style actually looks too ordinary for us, since it use the typical median strip plants, without any exotics. Only on the côte d’azur can be found in a garden of bougainvillea, or the cypresses, taken from the Mediterranean climate and style. The decoration is dominated by white and gray forging and wood, stone patio design, patios and walkways. Popular pergolas, arches and columns. The design of the site with East Oriental motifs in landscape design add romance, charm and very attractive — it’s all in abundant flowering of various plants and other delicate pastel shades and harmonious combination of greens with warm wood. Related articles 15 arbors for the garden that was chosen for What should be in each area: 5 basic rules of planning a garden see also: Suburban area with their hands: 16 photo section of your own hands: 27 photos of landscape ideas How to make a garden with your hands: 7 photosview to Read more •••

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