The hotel “Imenie Altun”

“Imenie Altun” is a four – star hotel complex near the Pushkin Mountains. Located in a noble manor house, the hotel has incorporated features of provincial country manor of the early 20th century. High ceilings, fabric Wallpaper, arched Windows, fireplaces and other interior details transport you back in time. However, we will not throw dry dates, with them You can find in any guidebook. Or seeing them on stone buildings, to inquire at the porter. We are after all important experience? The noble lovers of romance can not only to explore the classic interiors of the manor house, as in a Museum, but to live here for a few days. Here You can built a fire with dry birch logs to make a record of those experiences in a diary, taking from the shelf a volume of Dostoevsky, ring the bell for the Butler brought You a freshly brewed Turkish coffee… the Last – of course, a joke, but here is the truth: according to the stylised phone can call the receptionist and ask them to prepare a good Cup of espresso.


But if early in the morning, before Breakfast, access to the balcony, and even can feel like waking up a hitherto unknown world of Pskov manor: the breeze from the lake, leaping the singing of the birds, even the barking of the village dogs – all so vividly woven into the environment that I can not believe that yesterday You were somewhere in the city. But down in the cozy dining room “Bar wing”, You will feel the aroma of fresh baking, the smell of refreshing coffee, and you will find much more tasty. And sometimes even taste a variety of cheeses from a nearby farm.

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Well, of course… the Park Avenue of ancient oaks frames the driveway (be careful! Acorns can fall on you!), and the other displays through village houses straight into the Russian field, where they “typically Pskov Dali”. Linden alley will take You to the outskirts of Altoona to the other side of the estate Lvov family – Bachkovo where zealous owners cooked himself a beer. Linden, willow, poplar, and even of the cedars – that’s the basis of the old Park. Go out at night, when gathering twilight for a walk, You just hear the creaking of mighty branches, developing in the conversation of the old-timers altunsoy estate. And if you’re lucky, you will hear the hooting of an owl, flew on a night hunt from a nearby forest. Finally forced to believe that You in the past, the restaurant “the Barn under the oaks”. The meat from the stone brazier, pickles from local woods and fish from the estate lake, where the last time you tried that? And that’s not all! Ask the receptionist when is the next wine dinner and hurry to book a table. It is always a delight! “Imenie Altun” is not just the unique atmosphere of a noble estate, this aesthetic discoveries.