The predicted main color 2020

All the news Finance Women’s Film Sport Auto Health Travel Saturday’s Game Predicted the main color 2020&nbsp + 7 9 hours ago Photos: Women’s forum Vice President, International research Institute of Pantone, Laurie Pressman (Pressman Laurie) predicted that the main colors of 2020 will turn blue. It is reported by Footwear News. According to Pressman, that sea shades will be the main source of inspiration for future design collections. In addition, the focus of designers will remain and other natural colors: floral, Nude, and brown “color of the earth.” “Shades of brown are important in any scheme and will be inspired by the dried seaweed and driftwood. White, sandy shades and black are deep and mysterious, like the dark depths of the ocean,” she added. The American color Institute Pantone selects the main color of the year since 2000. In the mid-twentieth century, the company has developed a standardized color matching system that uses a digital readout. Samples of colors are regularly available in special directories. The main color of 2019 Pantone chose the shade 16-1546 Living Coral or “live coral”. Read more about •••

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