The suburban house in the spirit of classical Italian Villa

All the news Finance Women’s Film Sport Auto Health Travel Saturday’s Game Suburban house in the spirit of classical Italian villas&nbsp 7 Feb 2019 Photo: Women’s forum This large-scale project Vera Gerasimova created for their customers — couples, middle-aged, dreaming about a cozy country house. The prototype for the architect was the image of a traditional Italian Villa. So that the area of land acquired the appropriate features, in addition to the main house, the architect designed a free-standing greenhouse, installed a fountain and appropriately designed landscape. “I was very lucky to design and build have been from scratch, tells about his design the architect. You are blank slate, a field of creativity and imagination. The owners travel a lot and love Italy, and for them, as for me, Mediterranean home epitomize the ideal of living space, incredibly cozy, filled with history and tradition. Therefore, designing the interior, I was inspired by this country, its stunning culture.” The architect emphasizes that her goal was to create a striking size and solemn decoration of the Palazzo, a comfortable dwelling house, so in the interior there is nothing pompous majestic and monumental. Organization of internal space is governed by the classical laws. The rooms of the first floor flow into one another, creating a spectacular Suite. Ceiling height of 4 meters in the front and 3.5 meters in private spaces built to a human scale, not dominate it and at the same time, ask the right scale, where enough light and air, and volume. The house is relaxing, enveloping, very intimate atmosphere, it seems that time here is slowed down and flows according to its own laws. The feeling largely creates the décor: architect actively used in the interior of old household items, antique paintings and unique original items developed specifically for this project. The surface of the walls and ceilings are decorated boiserie made of beech wood, decorated beams and caissons, floors, antique parquet and marble tile like the one that can be found in old houses of Italy. The authentic image of the interior create and artfully executed copies of paintings by artists of the XV century, recreated by Russian craftsmen to order. Especially interesting in this regard, a formal dining room with its blue–black wall panels and ceiling frieze with scenes from a medieval painting. “There is in the art of proto-Renaissance through the Early Renaissance and something touchingly naive, melancholy, romantic, bright, attractive. That’s why I love him so much, and this painting is the key to understanding the interior, his soul, his personality,” — summarizes the author. Vera Gerasimova adds: “the Design of the house, filled with allusions to Italian Villa, proved challenging but very interesting and creative. I wanted to create a warm and homely atmosphere, to convey that intangible feeling that permeated the traditional Italian house with his charisma, charm, understated beauty. The image turned out collective, there is no clearly defined style of an era — it seems that there were more than one generation of the family, each of which is introduced into the interior”. Read more •••

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