The top 20 terraces for the house

All the news Finance Women’s Film Sport Auto Health Travel Saturday Games 20 of the best terraces for the house&nbsp + 1 more 1 Feb 2019 Photo: Women’s forum We bring you 20 of the best terraces with modern design in different styles, which will help you to determine the design and construction of your own. Remember the three rules: terrace cannot be too large; terrace need to do the flush with the floor of the house; the embodiment of the design of the terrace it is better to combine with the construction of the pool or summer kitchen. If you are going to build a terrace in the near future, you should know that modern style and rustic country can rightfully be considered the most budget — one for the cottage, the other to testify. A more skilful design would look the options in the style of minimalism, Chalet or Asian minimalism. By the way, they “eat” twice more money out of your budget, but will be worth every ruble. 15 things that can be enjoyed on the terrace: a barbecue; to play with children right on the wooden deck; sunbathing on a lounge chair, jump from the terrace to the private pool of the color of the lagoon; to read books and listen to music; sit by the fire with best friends and beer; to talk heart to heart, looking at the starry sky; watching sitcoms on my laptop on the soft couch in the evening with a garland; to do a selfie against the backdrop of his beloved home; without the hassle to watch over the children playing on the terrace or in the living room; relax and breathe the fresh air; yoga and meditation; to do morning exercises or massage; to conduct friendships or family party and party; drink ice-cold lemonade on a hot summer day! The Cozy house has an area of 14 meters is: a cottage that can take 30 pavilions and terraces with grill you like 14 of the most beautiful balconies and terraces of new York Garden path of stone: 30 examples for every taste Read also: 5 chamber graceful gardens from renowned landscape designer 5 things without which you can not do this in the summer terrace of the house: the 30 best projects to Read more •••

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