The yard of the private house: 10 gold tips

All the news Finance Women’s Film Sport Auto Health Travel Saturday’s Game, the Yard of a private house: 10 Golden tips&nbsp 8 hours ago Photo: Women’s forum of Contemporary landscape design built on the desire to see your beautiful garden but don’t spend too much effort to achieve this. All the ideas are easy to implement, they are designed for long-term effect and will bring you not only joy but also benefit. How to plan your 6 acres You care to landscape design and you want to try to do it yourself? Why not try to turn a standard area into something loved and beautiful? And if you succeed and garden to enter, it is absolutely perfect! 10 most common mistakes in landscaping the Best it can do for your site Amateur landscaper, it is to restrain impulses and the first time not to show activity. This is akin to the call of Hippocrates to the doctors, “do No harm!”. These words in the ears of all to enthusiasts. How to plan 10 acres If you bought a house with a plot of 10 acres, the question of the landscape of space is almost twice harder than the 6 acres. This is because there are opportunities and options. And to choose is always difficult. We will try to help with advice. How to build a Japanese garden: tips landscape designer Sometimes you want to change the suburban area beyond recognition. For example to build a Japanese garden. Stops the complexity of the project. Our experts will show you: the Japanese garden in the Russian land — the dream is achievable. What should be in each area: planning regulations garden How to create the garden of your dreams? How to place all the plants that have planned? And whether it should be placed? How not to miss something important? The garden layout also has its own rules. We’ll tell you about them. 29 unusual ideas for decorating the area no matter What time of year was standing outside the window, you always want to land in a country house looked great. Of course, you can hire landscape designers, but there are many ways to transform the territory itself. We offer you a few unusual ideas for the decoration of the site in your home country. Time it will take a bit, and the satisfaction will get on all hundred. 18 unusual flower beds for the beautiful land Looking for something to occupy his summer cottage? Pitch the bed, looking at that, every single passer-by to curtail his neck. Garden paths of stone: 30 examples from all over the natural stone always better to walk barefoot than on concrete. Our selection of the stone paths will surely inspire you to personal exploits in the accomplishment of its own garden plot. Best software for landscape design Why use the standard plans or you can build your site in fact? After all, you can create from scratch on the computer any project completely satisfy your most diverse desires. 12 best gardens this year Love beautiful gardens and want to see the best work of landscape designers? We have prepared an overview of the most spectacular gardens this year. It has everything: traditional beds, and fashionable gabions and progressive urbanism. See also: How to make a wedding in a garden: creative ideas and practical 3 Council of 14 extraordinary beds for the most beautiful section of the Party at the cottage: 15 ideas for decorating Read more •••

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